How a Virtual Call Center Helps Maintain Business Continuity

Having a virtual call center unlocks many unique opportunities for contact centers and customer service operations. Opportunities include having the ability to hire talented agents from across the world, getting the latest technology immediately, and lowering costs of maintenance. But the most important benefit of having a virtual call center is business continuity. In the event of a disaster, a virtual call center will never go down and contact center operations can be managed flexibly. Contact center agents can turn their homes into offices, delivering exceptional customer services from the safety and comfort of their homes. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to switch to a virtual contact center solution is becoming more apparent with many companies turning to the remote workforce to keep up productivity.

Highest Uptime No Matter What

One of the greatest benefits from having a virtual contact center solution is near 100% uptime. Being based on the cloud means all data and call center functionality is safely stored in a remote, secure location. Cloud contact center solutions are much more reliable than an on-premise solution. Even in times of disaster or crises, all call center technology and data is still accessible easily at any time. Compared to a traditional, on-premise system, a virtual contact center is very flexible and secure with minimal maintenance and downtime.

Bright Pattern has one of the best uptimes in the industry due to a combination of active-active technology combined with 24/7 support. Bright Pattern keeps your contact center running even in the most dire situations.

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Remote Quality Management

Another major concern that some businesses have when implementing a virtual contact center solution is workforce productivity. Can a workforce still be productive remotely compared to being in the office? How can a workforce be managed effectively when agents are hundreds, if not thousands of miles away?

A comprehensive quality management system can ensure high quality customer service and seamless interactions. With an effective quality management system, your supervisors and managers can effectively manage an entire remote workforce efficiently. Bright Pattern’s AI-powered Omni QM technology makes quality management effortless. Monitor 100% of all interactions on all digital channels, and intervene in real-time when an interaction becomes negative. All of this can be done remotely through Bright Pattern’s Unified Agent Desktop, making managing a remote workforce effortless.

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Teamwork Remotely

Collaboration in a remote workforce can be challenging. Agents don’t have the luxury of seeing each other face-to-face, which can make promoting teamwork and team assistance difficult. Luckily, there are ways for agents to collaborate efficiently with each other with the right contact center technology.

The most effective way for agents to connect with each other and collaborate on issues is through team communication software like Skype and Microsoft Teams. These applications can be integrated into Bright Pattern’s platform to make team communication quick and effortless. Through these applications, agents can socialize with one another and collaborate on issues helping agents feel like part of the team while boosting productivity.

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