How CRMs Can Help Your Outbound CX

Outbound contact centers and businesses that handle outbound interactions need to connect with as many potential customers and clients as possible, but also need to focus on providing a  great customer experience that’ll help build great customer relationships as well as improve customer satisfaction. CRMs can help power outbound interactions and personalize them through a number of ways. In this blog, we take a look at how CRMs can help improve and personalize outbound interactions to improve outbound CX.

Have Customer Information at the Agent’s Fingertips

One of the main benefits of having a CRM integrated within your call center software is giving agents access to comprehensive customer information at their fingertips. During outbound predictive dialing campaigns, when a call is immediately connected, agents will be able  to have comprehensive customer information, including previous interaction history and crucial customer information, ready at their fingertips.

By having information ready at their fingertips when an interaction begins, agents can see why the customer contacted the organization previously, and can quickly be caught up on the customer’s issues. This means service can be delivered more quickly, and the experience is much more personalized.

Call Center Software CRM Features

Tracking the Customer Journey on Any Outbound Channel

Depending on the platform, the contact center platform may be fully omnichannel. Bright Pattern, for example, is a fully omnichannel platform that allows agents and customers to interact on any channel, including voice, email, text, SMS, messenger apps, web chat, video chat, and more, and allows the interactions to be switched on to any other channel seamlessly.

For an outbound contact center, an omnichannel platform allows contact centers to connect with customers on any channel and seamlessly automate outbound notifications. This means that your call center can connect with customers on channels like SMS, phone, email, and webchat for outbound interactions. With a CRM integration, the customer journey can be tracked as well, even during outbound interactions. The details of these outbound interactions, like transcripts, notes, and customer information, can be reviewed later within the CRM.

Omnichannel Communications

Accurate and Powerful Automated Outbound Notifications

With a CRM platform integrated into a contact center platform, it is possible to easily and accurately send out automated outbound notifications through digital channels like email, text messaging, SMS, and messenger apps. For example, if there is a service outage or maintenance outage, outbound-focused contact centers can easily identify the specific departments or customers that will be affected through a CRM platform, and send outbound automated notifications to those specific affected customers based on their CRM information. This makes outbound notifications and delivering timely customer service easier and more manageable, proving the CRMs can help in many different ways during outbound interactions, not just during customer interactions.

Outbound Call Center Software

Bright Pattern’s Omnichannel Platform

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel call center software is one of the most advanced, yet easiest to use on the market. With comprehensive CRM integrations and a powerful, intelligent predictive dialer, Bright Pattern can make outbound interactions both efficient, effective, and personalized. Bright Pattern is one of the most advanced, yet easiest-to-use platforms and is one of the best platforms for businesses looking to see fast ROI.

Bright Pattern for Call Center Software
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