How Financial Service Providers are Improving ROI with Omnichannel Customer Service

As more financial service providers move to the cloud, they are looking for sophisticated omnichannel technology to improve ROI and digitally transform their customer communications. Whether you are a bank, brokerage firm, credit union, or other financial service provider, you can provide best-in-class customer service with omnichannel contact center technology.

Omnichannel Technology for Financial Service Providers

Differentiate yourself by providing omnichannel interactions on every digital channel, like email, voice, SMS, social messaging apps, and video. Financial service providers should also consider what platform they’re going to be utilizing to improve their customer service. Here are some of the features that a contact center platform needs to have for great customer service in the financial services industry: 

  • Outbound Calling Functionality – Make sure you select contact center technology that will enable your agent to be more efficient. Predictive, preview, progressive, and manual preview dialing modes let campaign operators tailor their dialer for any list quality and desired agent engagement. Make more calls in less time. 
  • Banking Functionality – Customers need an omnichannel experience with the services that they rely on, and banks have become competitive with offerings like in-app mobile deposits and video ATMs. It is necessary to implement an innovative omnichannel experience to keep pace with competitors. Just make sure your digital channels work together seamlessly as part of one conversation to improve the overall experience.
  • Integrate with Existing CRMs – Increase agent productivity with an integration UI, click-to-call, screen pop, and activity history automatically saved with each ticket. Bright Pattern has out-of-the-box integrations with top CRM providers, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Oracle Service Cloud, and ServiceNow. Bright Pattern can also be integrated with your native, built-in system of records. 
  • Unified Agent Desktop – Many omnichannel contact centers comprise multiple technology vendors, making it difficult for agents to navigate. Select a platform that allows agents to work in a single user interface for all supported channels. Use a technology that pulls important data to the front of the agent’s screen to reduce scrolling and hopping from pages to locate important customer data like bank statements and payments due.
  • PCI Compliance – As a financial service provider, you must comply with strict regulations to protect consumer data and avoid litigation. Bright Pattern is compliant with PCI DSS and allows you to safely process payment information as well as other customer information.

Bright Pattern provides a platform for financial service providers to interact with customers securely and efficiently. Bright Pattern has capabilities like omnichannel, CRM integrations, PCI compliance, outbound dialing, and more. 

Check out the Bright Pattern financial services page for more information.

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