How Long Does It Take to Deploy a Virtual Call Center?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many contact centers and CX providers are turning to virtual call center solutions to continue providing customer service while keeping call center agents safe. With many governments ordering mandatory shelter-in-place and lockdown regulations, the traditional call center has shifted to the home office for many businesses. 

Many businesses are looking into implementing a virtual call center with virtual call center software but have no prior experience in making the transition. Due to this, many call center administrators and managers have questions about moving their customer service representatives to the cloud. One of the main questions being asked is how long it takes to deploy a virtual call center? How long does it take to set up virtual call center employees to take inbound calls and outbound calls from their own home? Can remote call center agents still deliver excellent customer experiences on all channels and collaborate on issues even when split apart? 

Deployment Times?

Contrary to what some might believe, implementing a virtual contact center is easy and seamless with proper preparation and the right vendor. Some preparation and organizational questions include the ratio of managers to subordinates and the managerial hierarchy in the remote contact center. Other questions relate to agent accessibility to the right tools, including what type of hardware and software they need to reach callers, what kind of office supplies they will need to provide customer support, and the kind of internet connection and phone service that they have for phone calls. Once these questions are out of the way, deploying a full contact center in your agent’s own homes is seamless and easy. With Bright Pattern, deploying a full contact center outfitted with fully virtual call center agents can be done in days. Based on customer reviews on G2 Crowd Bright Pattern has the fastest deployment time of all CCaaS vendors.

For more tips on how to prepare for the deployment of a virtual contact center, check out our previous blog.

What about ROI?

Another frequent issue that comes up when discussing the amount of time needed to deploy a contact center is the amount of time until contact centers and businesses will see a return-on-investment. Deploying a virtual contact center is an investment and a major transition for many companies, and many want to see a quick return. 

Fortunately, you can expect to see fast ROI when implementing an effective virtual contact center. With Bright Pattern’s customer service platform, the estimated ROI payback period is only 7.5 months, which is the best ROI among all CCaaS providers. Bright Pattern’s contact center platform has the fastest ROI compared to vendors like Genesys Purecloud (20.68 months), Talkdesk (14.35 months), and NICE inContact (15.69 months). Choosing the right vendor can help ensure fast ROI. 

Aside from fast ROI, Bright Pattern’s customers rated their quality of support the highest among competitors. Bright Pattern received a customer satisfaction score of 91%, compared to Talkdesk at 88%, NICE inContact at 79%, and Genesys PureCloud at 75%.

Check out the G2 Crowd ROI Report here.

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