How Microsoft Teams Can Help Your Contact Center

In the contact center, allowing agents to collaborate on issues and tackle problems together is crucial for better customer service and knowledge sharing within the contact center environment. Great internal communication can help agents deliver faster customer service and bond with their coworkers for a better working environment as well.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many contact centers had to shift to a remote workforce in order to keep employees safe and follow government lockdown guidelines. To keep the internal communications fast and easy, contact centers turned to messaging and communication platforms to allow agents to continue sharing knowledge and assisting each other with customer issues. One of these communication platforms is Microsoft Teams, which saw a 160% rise in active users due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses and organizations now use Microsoft Teams for internal communication remotely. Here are some of the ways that Microsoft Teams can help your contact center, even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends in the future.

Knowledge Sharing

One of the best ways that Microsoft Teams helps contact centers is through knowledge sharing. Knowledge can be passed around very quickly through Microsoft Teams, allowing agents to get the information they need in a quick and frictionless way. Managers and administrators can also make team-wide announcements through Microsoft Teams in different channels to keep everyone informed on things like new business promotions and sales, service outages, updates, and more.

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is crucial in a contact center, and allowing agents to help each other can reduce friction for both the customers and the agents. Teams allows agents to rapidly communicate with each other over chat, giving them the ability to send each other messages, attach files, attach images, and make announcements. This gives agents flexibility in how they communicate with their peers. Furthermore, Microsoft Teams can be integrated into Bright Pattern’s platform, meaning agents don’t even need to take their eyes off the customer interaction while collaborating with their teammates.

Work Communication on One Platform

Microsoft Teams can be integrated into Bright Pattern’s cloud-based omnichannel platform for a streamlined approach to business communication. Within Bright Pattern’s platform, Microsoft Teams can be integrated as an option in the menu, allowing agents to chat with other agents while the customer conversation is pulled up.

This means agents can help one another without having to take their eyes off the customer conversation. This also eliminates the need to have two separate windows open, reducing friction for the agent and increasing productivity.

Dividing a Team into Groups

One of Microsoft Team’s main features is the ability to define groups and divide an entire workforce into separate teams. Doing this allows the supervisors and managers to communicate separately with each group. Supervisors and managers can make separate announcements for separate teams, for instance, making different announcements between a sales team and a support team within the same call center. It also allows the different teams to collaborate with their own team members and figure out who is responsible for what, further reducing friction in the contact center and streamlining the workflow inside the contact center.

With Bright Pattern, Microsoft Teams can be integrated into the platform for easy and fast internal communication with reduced friction. Check out our Microsoft Teams integration webpage for more details.

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