How to Manage Customer Interactions Across All Channels

Quality management in a call center can be a daunting task, especially if your contact center utilizes multiple communication channels and digital channels to communicate with customers. Customers want to connect with businesses through a variety of communication channels, including voice, email, video chat, web chat, SMS, text messaging, messenger apps, mobile apps, and more. Managing quality on all of these channels can often be challenging. Here are some tips on how your contact center supervisors and admins can manage customer interactions across all channels.

Choose an Omnichannel Platform

Having a cloud-based call center solution that is natively built to be omnichannel is one of the easiest ways to be able to manage customer interactions across all channels. Having an omnichannel platform means your call center can connect with customers on all traditional and digital channels. An omnichannel platform also treats all these channels as one, meaning that conversations can be switched between the various channels and all channels are treated as part of one conversation.

Due to how an omnichannel platform is designed, your supervisors and admins can easily monitor 100% of all interactions on all channels including digital channels like SMS, text messaging, messenger apps, mobile app, and webchat.

Omnichannel Platform

AI Integration for Sentiment Analysis

With the right call center platform, your call center can integrate best-of-breed AI to perform sentiment and text analysis during interactions. AI can detect a customer’s sentiment or mood during an interaction, and alert both agents and supervisors for when an interaction is detected to have gone negative. AI-powered sentiment analysis, with Bright Pattern’s platform, for example, works on multiple digital channels, like SMS, text messaging, web chat, messenger apps, and more.

AI-powered sentiment analysis can also alert supervisors when an interaction has gone negative, and the interaction history of that conversation can be saved for further agent retraining and analysis.

Best-of-Breed AI Integrations

CRM Integration with Activity History

Another way to the customer journey across all channels is to have a comprehensive CRM integration with full activity history. Integrating a fully-fledged CRM with your call center software can allow your call center to store customer information and data on the customer journey. With the right call center software, your call center can also perform accurate call transcriptions and recordings, as well as save crucial chat and text messaging information within the record management system.

By having this data saved, your call center admins and supervisors can go back and utilize this data to see how the customer journey can be improved, how agents can be retrained, and how contact center efficiency can be improved. With an omnichannel platform, CRM integrations can even track interaction history and activity history across all channels, allowing your call center to manage interactions across all channels.

Bright Pattern’s CRM Integrations

Bright Pattern’s Omnichannel Quality Management Platform

With Bright Pattern’s omnichannel platform, quality management is a breeze. Omni QM, or omnichannel quality management, is Bright Pattern’s built-in quality management system that allows supervisors to monitor 100% of interactions across all traditional and digital channels. Monitor interactions on channels including voice, email, text messaging, SMS, messenger apps, and mobile app.

Bright Pattern’s platform also has comprehensive integrations with any CRM system and best-of-breed AI, making quality management easy in your call center.

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