Make Omnichannel Conversations Easy for Customers and Remote Agents with a Platform Approach

Frost & Sullivan recently reported that only 4% of companies offer the seamless, effortless single conversation across all channels – true omnichannel – and the primary reason is that companies have deployed siloed technologies. When companies need a new channel, they add a new system; when they need to measure quality of voice, they add a new system; when they need AI, they add a new system, and so on. Over time, the siloed technologies lead to a poor experience for customers and agents. The best way to offer AI-powered omnichannel conversations that are easy for agents and customers is to take an all-in-one platform approach.

So what are some things to look for in your platform?

    • A platform with a single unified omnichannel desktop – This lets agents handle all channels on a single desktop. It also lets agents see every step in the customer’s journey history as they move between channels, making it easier for agents to offer an effortless customer experience. Customers may start with a bot and when the agent is brought into the conversation, he or she can see everything that has already taken place for a seamless handoff from bot to human.
    • A platform with digital channels and bots You want a platform with all traditional channels like voice, email, chat, and SMS, but also new channels growing in importance like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. An innovative platform will always add new channels so you won’t need to put in a new system as new channels emerge.
    • A platform with AI to help agents A platform that has built-in “agent-assist” is key. If a customer asks about hotels in a city via chat, text, or email, a platform with Natural Language Processing can provide suggested responses to empower agents and get customers to the best answer quickly.
    • A platform that helps remote agents With agents increasingly going remote, agents aren’t able to meet in break rooms to share best practices or tribal knowledge. A platform with AI assistance or a one that allows remote agents to internally message when they need help improves agent performance – even if agents are spread around the world.
    • A platform that is open to best-of-breed AI Most AI solutions today are siloed systems that only address a single function. Additionally, most contact center platforms don’t offer a choice of AI. You should look to a platform that has built-in AI as well as integrations with best-of-breed AI providers like Google, IBM Watson, Lex, and Microsoft.
    • A platform with built-in quality management for every channel – Today, most companies only measure quality on the voice channel and use a small sample size. A platform that can automatically detect sentiment on every interaction on every channel using AI is another thing you want for measuring and improving the quality of your voice and digital channels.

Bright Pattern’s platform does just that. Bright Pattern integrates innovative AI from the leading providers like Google, Microsoft, IBM Watson, and Lex with an omnichannel platform to provide a seamless, easy customer experience. Bright Pattern’s platform supports global teams and ensures quality across the globe with powerful, AI-powered quality assurance. Bright Pattern’s omnichannel platform meets all the criteria above while also being the simplest and fastest to deploy platform in the industry.

One of the largest banks recently turned to Bright Pattern to deploy over 2000 remote agents in less than 2 weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst the pandemic Bright Pattern has helped many companies deploy AI to triage increases in call volume and deploy 100% remote workforces for agent safety. Bright Pattern is also the communication platform powering the COVID-19 contact tracing teams of several international countries. So if you are ready for AI and the new world of remote agents, Bright Pattern is here to help.

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