Omnichannel Technology Helps BPOs Get an Edge on the Competition and Retain Clients Longer

As more consumers use emerging mobile, digital channels to talk to friends and family, they expect to find top brands on all of their favorite digital channels, like chat, social media, and messenger apps. Companies need to meet their customers on these new, digital channels, or risk losing them to the competition.

Business processing outsourcing companies (BPOs), in particular, need to respond swiftly to new client demands and offer a service that is impressive and efficient without breaking the bank.

Omnichannel Technology for BPOs

BPOs can use omnichannel contact center functionality to differentiate their offerings and stand out among the competition. They can also save on costs when consolidating from multiple vendors to a single platform that provides all necessary channels. BPOs should select a contact center solution that includes the following features to gain and retain top brands.

  • Easily Add More Channels – As a BPO, some of your customers will need only inbound/outbound voice, but other brands will need to scale to a full omnichannel solution and add new channels as they grow. Choose a vendor that has all the channels necessary for your customers and can add new channels for customers easily.
  • Unified Agent Desktop – Select a platform that allows agents to work in a single user interface for all supported channels. Consider running specific use cases with the vendor to see how it prioritizes different channels and whether it allows agents and customers to move seamlessly from digital channels to voice.
  • Strong Integration Ecosystem – As BPOs, you may need to support multiple customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Select a contact center provider that provides out-of-the-box CRM integrations with top providers and has a well established integration ecosystem for workforce optimization (WFO), workforce management (WFM), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), artificial intelligence (AI), and bot capabilities.
  • Flexible Reporting – Retain customers by providing them with quality control and oversight options, including direct client access to monitoring, call grading, ad-hoc reporting, and customer survey data.
  • Omnichannel Quality Management – Monitor quality on all channels, including emerging digital channels, to ensure great customer experience on every customer journey. Utilize best-of-breed AI
  • Compliance – As a BPO, you work within several different industries, including contact centers with strict compliance requirements. Ensure compliance by partnering with a vendor that’s third-party certified for compliance with PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, TCPA, and other top security standards.
  • High Availability – Select a vendor with a strong disaster recovery plan and near 100% uptime. Any time your provider is down, you are losing money. Inquire about uptime, active-active disaster containment, and service-level agreements (SLAs).

Select a vendor that can help support your customers, and help you deliver better customer experiences, no matter the industry, use case, or communication channels.

Check out what Bright Pattern’s cloud-based omnichannel platform can do for your BPO.

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