Remote Assist – What is it and How it Can Help Your Contact Center

Remote assist is a technology that allows users to take control of another user’s desktop, allowing agents and supervisors to directly control the user’s desktop and input keyboard and mouse controls. Remote assist is a great piece of technology for businesses that want to streamline CX and internal support, as well as optimize their workforce. Here is how remote assist can help your business deliver better CX in the contact center and optimize performance in the contact center.

What is Remote Assist?

Remote assist is a piece of technology that allows a supervisor or agent to gain access to a user’s device and directly manipulate controls and input into that user’s device. On Bright Pattern’s platform, this can be done right from Bright Pattern’s call center platform without the need for additional third-party software. From the agent desktop and the user’s conversation box, agents and supervisors can start a remote assist session and request access to the user’s desktop. From there, the agents and supervisors can navigate the user’s computer and input controls directly from their own agent desktop.

Managing Remote Teams

Remote assistance makes it easier for businesses to manage remote teams. With the rise of the remote workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and with many businesses moving to a semi-permanent remote workforce, managing and training new agents that are hired from all across the world can be a daunting task. Providing assistance to agents that may be having technical issues can also be difficult over remote communications. With remote assist, however, supervisors can directly manipulate the agent’s or trainee’s screens. By doing this, supervisors can perform live demonstrations, help resolve technical issues for agents across the country or across the globe quickly, and optimize workforce management.

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Easier Training of Agents

Training an agent, especially a remote agent, can be a complex task, especially if done remotely. Training remote agents across the globe can be extremely time consuming, since supervisors and agents need to describe what they’re viewing on the screen and relay it back and forth, with no instant feedback. With a remote assist technology, supervisors can take control of the agent’s desktop and perform a live demonstration, which can help speed up training times and better inform the agents of the features of the call center platform and workplace procedure. Remote assistance not only lowers training times, but can also help better train the agents by giving them a visual, live demonstration of workplace procedure and call center platform functionality.

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Bright Pattern Remote Assist Features

Bright Pattern remote assist is natively-built into the platform, meaning you don’t need third-party software or third-party capabilities to utilize remote assist. Bright Pattern remote assist is easy-to-use and can help improve performance and workforce optimization in the contact center. tomer interactions in settings that might not have been possible on legacy customer service platforms.

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