The Gift of CX: Our 2019 Holiday Reading List

2019 was a big year for the customer experience (CX) space. Many companies took strides to move toward a more automated contact center with AI and bots, while others focused on improving more traditional channels with innovative cloud technologies. As the newest trends and topics of 2019 were being discussed, Bright Pattern was right there bringing you tips and advice from our executive team, which includes some of the brightest minds in CX and the original pioneers who helped build enterprise contact center software at Genesys.

Just in case you missed some of the great content we wrote this year, we decided to compile our top-rated content. Here is a peak at what your peers have been reading from Bright Pattern.


personalizing customer experience

Personalizing the Customer Experience

Dimension Data states that the next wave of CX is personalized and predictive service. Read our recent ebook for the seven barriers to personalization along with some ideas for breaking through each barrier.



Common Chatbot Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

This special report reveals the framework for a customer-centric chatbot. It explores the questions you need to ask — and the steps you need to take — to truly harness the power of chatbot technology.


2019 Omnichannel Decision-Makers Guide

This report takes a look into the current state of omnichannel, industries providing omnichannel engagement, barriers to omnichannel, and how to overcome these barriers..




2019 Contact Center Trends: Revolutionize Your CX

With new cloud CX technology available and customer experience being the key way to differentiate in the digital age, it’s more crucial now for firms to break from the pack and ride the next wave on the CX tsunami.



CX Trends: Revolutionize Your CX

Join contact center industry thought leaders in discussing top trends in customer experience. This webinar includes industry experts from TTEC, Bright Pattern, and contact center consultants.


How Long Should It Take to Set Up an Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center?

Set up can vary by industry, size, number of channels, number of business units, and more. But there are ways to reduce your contact center deployment time.

Artificial Intelligence

Hungry for Pizza? Deploy the Bots!

Ocular uses Bright Pattern omnichannel contact center software and integrated IBM Watson bots to deploy digital channels, including a Facebook Messenger chatbot for ordering pizza with emojis!

Customer Experiences with Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern is a leader in innovation and development in the CX space. Providing AI-driven omnichannel contact center software to businesses of all sizes, Bright Pattern is considered a top choice among CX industry analysts and consumers, and has won many awards for its powerful, easy-to-deploy contact center software.

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