Train Quickly, and Choose Wisely When Deploying a Remote Workforce

By implementing proper training and frequent training sessions, agent efficiency can increase massively, ensuring higher overall customer satisfaction. Training topics for new hires can include how to best meet the customers’ needs, what scripts to follow for certain issues, how to properly route to the right agent or department, what to do with customer information, and the best practices in handling dissatisfied customers. Ensuring your remote agents are properly trained will increase customer satisfaction and boost call center efficiency.

When looking at contact center platforms, make sure to contemplate ease of use and training times using the ELI5 (“Explain Like I’m 5 years old”) method. Because when it’s time to grab the “bug out bag” and deploy a remote workforce, every second matters and getting agents up to speed quickly is imperative. Instructional materials and videos should be pre-produced and loaded into the system. Supplement training materials with on-demand webinars and dedicated personnel to handle questions or issues that may arise with the system.

The Comprehensive Contact Center Guide for Deploying a Remote Workforce


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