Transition to the Cloud to Reduce Operational Expenses While Improving Customer Experience

As a well established and award-winning technical support company, 80024Support had the goal of aligning their infrastructure and technology investments with its company’s vision to provide unrivaled customer experience solutions. While the company was delivering award-winning technical help desk and customer care solutions, they relied heavily on physical, voice-based communications. 80024Support realized that they couldn’t adapt quickly enough to meet an ever-changing market, and they needed to switch to the cloud. In order to accomplish this, they needed to find a vendor to help them safely transition to the cloud and digitally transform their contact center operations.

Being on a cloud-based platform, Bright Pattern’s contact center platform allows companies to get easy access to advanced features and powerful call center system functionality with only an internet connection. Being based on the cloud also means there is no hassle when making changes or updates to what channels are being supported or what contact center features need to be implemented.

80024Support selected Bright Pattern as its solution provider and partner through its transition to the cloud. With Bright Pattern, they significantly reduced operational expenses and resource requirements while implementing omnichannel support over voice, email, chat, and self-service channels. Through this transition, 80024Support simplified ticketing and workflow management, improved agent experience with better tools for interaction, and positioned themselves for the next stage of business growth.

“Bright Pattern makes us more agile, more nimble,” said Tripp Kerr, VP of Operations at 80024Support. “It’s made a night and day difference in what we can now offer our clients.”

Read the full case study to see how Bright Pattern helped 80024Support improve their Customer Experience.

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800824Support’s Transition to the Cloud

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