Using Remote Assist to Make ITSM More Efficient

IT service management and enterprise service management is dedicated to delivering fast, efficient service to members of the organization as well as end users that might be outside the organization. Efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery is crucial for all parts of the IT Service Management cycle, including incident management, request management, problem and change management, service catalog, and the contact center. Remote assist is one of the best tools for helping IT analysts at the help desk and service desk deliver efficient, fast service. Here’s how Remote Assist can make your IT service desk more efficient.

Easily Hire a Global Remote Workforce

With Remote Assist, your help desk can hire from a wider pool of talent that might be across the world. This means your help desk can access talented agents from anywhere around the world and train them just as quickly as they would be able to train an in-person agent. For instance, if an agent needs to train about the workflow or how a certain procedure needs to be handled, supervisors can easily take control of their device with Remote Assist and perform a live demonstration on the agent or analyst’s screen, leading to a better training experience for both the agent and the supervisor. Remote assist can also help tie a remote team closer together by allowing them to assist each other with software issues or customer issues easily. Remote Assist is great for easily managing a remote workforce and opening the doors to a wider pool of talent.

Cloud-Based Software for Remote Workforce

Faster Training of Remote Analysts

Being able to easily hire from a wider range of talent is due to being able to more quickly train agents. With remote assist, training remote analysts is much simpler and faster, since supervisors and administrators can easily show live demonstrations of the software and improve understanding. Through live demonstrations with supervisors directly displaying on the agent’s screen the exact procedures and ins-and-outs of the software, help desks can improve training procedure, train new agents faster, and ensure better understanding of procedure and best practices in their help desks

No Need for Lengthy Descriptions

During an interaction over remote assist, whether it’s with another analyst or an end user, both users save tons of time by foregoing the need to utilize lengthy descriptions to describe the issue or the resolution. Instead of having to rely on visual descriptions, like where to click, what button to look at, or titles of certain sections, the analyst or supervisors can easily demonstrate or directly work to fix the issue by utilizing their own mouse and keyboard to manipulate the end user’s screen. This saves time for both the end user, analysts, and supervisors, making the IT help desk more efficient.

Bright Pattern Remote Assist

Bright Pattern remote assist is natively-built into the platform, meaning you don’t need third-party software or third-party capabilities to utilize remote assist. Bright Pattern remote assist can help your contact center or help desk access a wider range of talent across the globe, improve training times, and improve issue resolution time.

Bright Pattern Remote Assist
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