What You Need for a BPO Inbound Call Center

Many businesses rely on BPO vendors, or Business Process Outsourcing vendors, to help operate their day-to-day contact center and customer service operations. BPOs provide many inbound contact center services for clients, including handling interactions like customer complaints, help desk services, virtual front office activities, and providing customer support. Due to the wide range of businesses that BPOs help support, BPOs need a solution that is flexible, scalable, customizable, and technologically advanced to help them serve their partners as effectively as possible. So what features does a BPO Inbound Call Center need in their contact center solution?

Customizable Platform

One of the main features of a contact center solution that BPOs need for an inbound call center is customizability in the platform. BPOs often support customers from a wide range of industries and services, and as a result, need a platform that can be customized to match the use cases of specific customers. This means being able to customize workflows, change reporting and dashboards to suit the use case, and adding and dropping channels depending on how their partners want to communicate with their customers.

With the right contact center solution, BPOs can customize the platform to suit their use cases easily. For example, Bright Pattern provides APIs and scenario builders to help customize the workflow and agent desktop to match specific use cases. These scenario builders are point-and-click configuration and user-friendly, allowing managers to easily make changes on-the-go without needing the assistance of an expensive, professional IT team.

By being able to easily adapt to a wide range of customers, a contact center solution with a customizable platform is crucial in allowing BPOs to service a large number of different businesses and industries.


Another crucial feature that BPOs need in their inbound call center is the ability to scale easily. BPOs are fast growing companies that are constantly adding new clients and with that, additional agents. Additionally, many of the businesses that BPOs service have fluctuating seasonal demand, which requires additional agents to meet heightened call volumes.

As a result, BPOs need a contact center solution that can scale to meet heightened demand, handle an increase in agents , and help make the workflow and customer journey more efficient. The only way to achieve effortless scalability is with a cloud-based infrastructure. Being based on the cloud means it is much easier to add or remove agents from the contact center. A cloud architecture also allows BPOs to easily add in new contact center technology without the downtime or costs of having to upgrade contact center software. Easily add in the latest contact center technology, like AI integrations, omnichannel, or omnichannel quality management, to help improve customer interactions and make the customer journey effortless.

Self-Service Options

Last, but not least, all BPO contact centers that handle inbound customer communications should consider implementing self-service options for customers. Self-service options can help empower the customer and lead them to the right resource more quickly. Self-service technology includes things like an IVR (both a standard IVR and more innovative conversational IVRs with Natural Language Processing) and bots on your text channels like on your website.

With self-service options, customers can have a more personalized journey, and the workflow process can be more streamlined with customers being directed to the right resource quickly.

Bright Pattern’s BPO Solution

Bright Pattern’s cloud-based contact center software makes providing BPO call center services personalized and easy. Through powerful automation and AI tools, customizable APIs in the customer journey builder, and built-in quality management, streamline your business processes and help businesses deliver exceptional customer service.

Becasue Bright Pattern is cloud-based, it can support a BPO of any size in any region around the world. All of the latest technology and updates are easily pushed through the cloud, giving your BPO access to new technology without the costs of upgrading.

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