Why Have a Call Center Connect to Your Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms on the market. CRM platforms help businesses and companies manage their relationships and interactions with current and potential customers. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers by organizing customer data, making this data easily accessible, and providing agents with valuable insights into customers and their activities with the business.

Integrating Salesforce and other CRMs into your contact center platform can further streamline the customer and agent experience. Integrating Salesforce and other CRMs into the contact center platform is a great way to drive sales, personalize the customer experience, and make the workflow process even smoother.

Customer Information at Your Fingertips

By integrating your contact center software with a CRM, like Salesforce, your agents can have quick access to valuable information about the customers that they are interacting with. Customer information like previous interactions with the contact center, call recordings, phone numbers, and activity history will all be quickly accessible during a call. This gives your agents the ability to quickly handle customer interactions, resolve issues faster, and lower average handling time for every call.

Personalized, Customizable Customer Journeys

By giving agents access to customer information quickly during an interaction, your agents can personalize and improve the customer experience. By getting access to previous customer interactions and activity history, agents are able to adapt at the moment and gain more knowledge, leading to more personalized assistance for the customer.

Furthermore, a capable, modern omnichannel contact center platform provides the tools that will compliment the CRM system. For example, Bright Pattern’s platform is omnichannel, allowing you to communicate with customers on any digital channel, and features powerful AI integrations that will complement your Salesforce or CRM integration. Through Bright Pattern’s integration with Salesforce and other CRM platforms, you can deliver outbound calls, send SMS messages through automated outbound notifications, and deliver exceptional customer service seamlessly.

Tracking the Customer Experience

With a customer relationship management system integrated within your contact center software, you are able to fully track the customer journey with your business or organization. With CRM features like customer records, activity history, personal information, and interaction history, you are able to track the customer’s journey with your business, from when they first connect to when their issue is resolved and the interaction ends.

By integrating your Salesforce or CRM platform into your contact center software, you can more easily track the customer journey by allowing your contact center platform to assist you in recording and storing customer data and interaction history. With Bright Pattern’s omnichannel platform your CRM can take note of all channels that a customer has utilized, the history of each interaction can be saved, and calls can be recorded for future reference. Tracking the customer experience is much easier when integrating your CRM with your contact center platform.

Bright Pattern’s CRM Integration

Bright Pattern’s cloud-based omnichannel contact center solution provides comprehensive CRM integrations to help your organization or business track the customer journey from beginning to end no matter what digital communication channel they connect from. Integrate with any CRM system, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zendesk, ServiceNow, and Oracle Service Cloud. Manage workflow effectively, customize the customer journey, and monitor for quality assurance effectively with Bright Pattern’s contact center software.

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