Can you make calls with WIFI and no service?

What is Wi-Fi calling, and how does it work?

Can you make calls with WIFI and no service

How To Use WiFi To Make Phone Calls

Can you make calls with WIFI and no service? Today, people are becoming ever more mobile, but we are more dependent to be connected than before. In many areas of the globe the Internet is able to reach more people than cellular networks do. You may have noticed this in the backyard or while visiting a family member in the countryside. There’s reliable internet service at home Internet connection, however there’s no cell phone service.
One method to save money when traveling is to utilize WiFi calling. If you’re not aware of this option, we provide all the information that you need.

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What is Wi-Fi Calling

Can you make calls with WIFI and no service?

Can you make calls with WIFI and no service? Yes. WiFi Calling can be a feature for smartphones that lets you make calls using a Wi-Fi network. It is possible to make calls using Wi-Fi without the need for a service from certain carriers. After you’ve set up Wi-Fi calling, it’s possible to make calls over Wifi similar to any other phone call. If your service doesn’t support Wi-Fi calling, you may nevertheless make calls via the use of a voice over IP.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

WiFi calling is exactly what it means: the process that allows you to make and receive video and voice calls using a WiFi connection. This lets you make calls over the internet instead of via your carrier’s system, towers for cell phones or landlines. By avoiding traditional cellular services the calls will be received, even in areas that voice services are typically restricted.

How does WiFi calling work?

Wi-Fi calling is accomplished by sending the same data packets cellular as Wi-Fi VoIP over an internet connection via Wi-Fi and the internet. When data is transmitted via the internet, it is sent to the cellular network and back to the person who answered. Wi-Fi calling needs to be supported by your smartphone for it to function.

Best Free Calling Apps (Unlimited Calls With Wi-Fi)

If you’re looking to save dollars (and you are likely to spend most of your time in a location with reliable internet, such as your workplace) it is possible to sign up with the lowest cell phone plan, and use the free apps for text and calls instead.
Here are seven phone applications that offer free calling on Android or iOS. They all provide unlimited calls as well as Text messages via SMS. Some of them offer landline and mobile phone calls.
Best Free Calling Apps
TextNow Logo


As you’ll see, most apps that provide free calling have one major caveat: you cannot call anyone who does not use the app. In most cases, you are not able to make calls to landlines or mobile phones.
TextNow can be one of these few exceptions. If you reside either in Canada or the US or Canada you are able to make unlimited phone calls to any number in either of the countries. If you would like to call international numbers, you’ll be required to pay. However, you can earn international calling credits through fulfilling the offers.
Other awesome functions include transcriptions from voicemails as well as caller ID, forwarding calls, and even your own inbound number that is free. TextNow is accessible on Android as well as iOS and MacOS, as well as Windows as well as macOS.
Text Free Logo

Text Free

Text Free was created by Pinger, the company that’s been creating free Wi-Fi calling applications for a number of years. It’s like TextNow however there are several important differences. For instance, calls made via Wi-Fi and calls to inbound numbers are free. If you plan to make calls outbound to a phone number that is not a regular one you’ll need to pay.
You can get minutes for free just by watching videos or completing partner deals. If you’d prefer to pay, you can get 100 minutes of outbound calling for $1.99. The minutes can be used to make calls anywhere around the globe.
You can also select a legitimate US phone number to give to family members and friends. The number selector allows you to select an area code and select the number you prefer to use with your favorite combination of characters. Text Free is a Text Free app that is ad-supported and available for both Android and iOS.
WhatsApp Logo


Utilizing WhatsApp to make calls for free isn’t without its limitations. It isn’t possible to call landlines or mobile phones; WhatsApp is able to only make calls to those who already have WhatsApp installed. Yet, it’s an extremely frequently utilized free calling app.
The most appealing aspect of WhatsApp is its large user base. It’s the most popular messaging application around the globe, which means it’s very likely that the person you’d like to reach out to has an account on the app.
Again, WhatsApp is available on Android and iOS. It is not possible to make calls through WhatsApp’s web-based app.
Google Duo Logo

Google Duo

Google Duo is another Wifi calling application. It allows you to make free Wi-Fi calls with other users on both Android and iOS operating systems.
Other features that are important include support for group chats with up to 32 participants as well as an in-call photo feature, voice-only phone calls and a low-light mode. We love the Google Duo’s Family Mode. You can draw on video calls, and then transform your character on the screen using stickers, masks, and much more.
Dingtone Logo


Dingtone is another one of the most popular free calling and texting apps. It lets you send unlimited texts for free to different numbers (both local in the US and internationally) as well as connect to landlines free of charge by connecting to Wi-Fi.
Talkatone Logo


Talkatone that is available on both Android and iOS offers you an unlocked US phone number that can be used for sending and receiving messages and making calls to any US-based number including landlines. It’s definitely an app for calling that is worth checking out.
Talkatone allows you to make calls using wi-fi or data from your cell phone. Of course, the data from your cell will consume your allowance for data. However, it will limit the use of minutes when you’re not in the habit of using your data. The app is compatible outside of the US in the event of travel but international numbers are blocked.
Skype Logo


It’s true that Microsoft’s app doesn’t have the same dominance on the market that it did in the past however, it’s still one of the top Wi-Fi calling apps that are free and is popular with corporate users.
Calls for other Skype users are completely free. If you wish to make calls to landlines or mobile phones it is necessary to join one of the Skype payment plans. There are a variety of plans available and each one offers the same number of minutes as well as supported countries.
Remember, if you’re an Office 365 subscriber, you are entitled to 60 minutes of calls for free to any international number each month. However, minutes that are not used don’t accumulate over the course of a month.
The benefits of WiFi calling

The benefits of WiFi calling

WiFi calling is advantageous for a variety of reasons. In particular, it lets users communicate from most remote areas, so long as you have an internet connection. It means you can call and send messages no matter if you’re outdoors, indoors, and even underground.
Together with a level of connectivity that is far superior to even the strongest of mobile signals, it’s the perfect choice to work from any location. WiFi calls also come with other advantages:
  • Save your data--WiFi calls don't use it up!
  • Calling international numbers is usually cost-free, or even more economical.
  • No hidden charges -- cellular data is derived from your current mobile rate plan.
  • There is no need for additional hardware as calls can be made using personal devices.
  • It permits BYOD (bring your personal device) policies to be enforced in the workplace.

Is WiFi calling safe?

WiFi technology was designed to provide some degree of security, however take note that various providers provide various degrees of protection. Conduct some research before choosing the one that gives you the security that is needed for your company and your industry.
Things to think about include:
  1. If the call is carried out on a private or public WiFi network
  2. The encryption used by the calling app is encrypted your information
  3. How secure is your mobile provider’s encryption is
If you are making calls using an app that is well-known and operates on an encrypted private WiFi network it is safe to believe that the call is safe. However, making calls over hotspot networks as well as public WiFi networks could expose you to dangers, even if the network provider has encryption for the call.

Does wifi calling cost money?

In the majority of instances, calls made via Wifi do not cost extra. The majority of cell phone providers take Wifi calls in the same way as other calls and take the minutes off the allotted minutes on your cell phone plan. But, be aware that certain Wi-Fi networks that are public may charge you a cost for connecting on their service. Make sure to contact your wireless service provider for more information on the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wi-Fi calls are absolutely free provided that calls are directed in US numbers. In rare instances you might require an unlimited plan to enjoy free Wi-Fi calls.

The negatives of WiFi calling are as follows.

  • Signal strength is insufficient.
  • Some mobiles don’t support Wi-Fi calling.
  • Limits on international calls
  • The cost for data usage may be applicable.
  • The variation in the magnitude of the signal
  • Data transfer delays
  • Minutes can be deducted depending on certain plans
  • It isn’t supported in all countries.

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