Automatically Routes Communication Interactions to the Best Available Agent

Maximize customer satisfaction and agent productivity with automated omnichannel routing between any communication channels. . Many legacy ACD systems are limited and route only incoming callers from a traditional phone system. Through Computer telephony integration, or CTI, the Bright Pattern virtual contact center platform utilizes advanced automatic call distribution (ACD) software to enable routing to all channels of communication (e.g., phone calls, SMS, social media messaging, chat, email, etc.). Bright Pattern’s advanced automatic call distribution (ACD) software then selects the most appropriate agent to handle the  interaction, resulting in the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

During an interaction with a caller, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. With Bright Pattern Contact Center software’s robust automatic call distribution (ACD) technology and algorithm, your customers can choose the communication channel of their choice and be assured that the first agent they connect with is the most appropriate agent or support team member to handle their interaction. Combined with other advanced features like interactive voice response (IVR) and advanced call queueing, customers are guaranteed the best possible service from the most qualified, appropriate agents. Implementing ACD systems, interactive voice response (IVR), and advanced call center software technology assures that the first call, chat, or message to your call center will be seamless, efficient, effective, and most importantly a personal customer experience.



The Bright Pattern ACD will be the cornerstone of your contact center solution. Our call center solution ensures that you are addressing customers based on your business strategy. With our omnichannel call routing algorithm, all inbound calls  will be routed to the right agent best equipped to deliver a personalized and successful customer experience with the least amount of waiting time.

Your contact center will be ready for every incoming call with Bright Pattern’s integrated and extremely flexible omnichannel routing technology. Customers and the right agents can begin a conversation on one channel and switch to another based on their needs. Best of all, your call center team members can handle multiple interactions simultaneously, utilizing every second of available time to maximize productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Bright Pattern’s ACD technology and call distribution system is flexible for any situation, allowing you to optimize your call center solution through the use of our powerful omnichannel routing technology. It is both powerful and simple to customize right out of the box. Based on your workflow, business hours, and business strategy, you can use ACD features to define the parameters on how you wish to route interactions and enhance the customer journey.


bright pattern omnichannel acd

The ultimate goal of all of Bright Pattern’s powerful automatic call distributor technology is to simplify necessary actions and reduce the time from the first ring, ping, or notification to the moment your customer reaches the agent best suited for the interaction. Ranked among the best call center software available today, Bright Pattern Contact Center solutions enhance and extend ACD functionality to include many key features. including:

  • Precise and automatic call distribution
  • Omnichannel routing
  • Call recording
  • Call abandonment reduction
  • Virtual queue callbacks
  • Priority routing strategy
  • Follow-the-sun routing
  • At-a-glance agent pop-ups
  • Multiple reporting options
  • Workforce optimization software integration


The Bright Pattern Call Center system and automatic call distributor system (ACD) is built with your agents in mind. No matter how many agents staff your call center team, Bright Pattern’s call distributors will intelligently route the interaction to the most qualified available call center agent without overwhelming workloads or elongated customer call queue times. Your Bright Pattern Contact Center ACD can be programmed to direct calls based on specific skills, broadest skillset, or any other settings you define. Should those agents be unavailable, our tiered routing structure will filter available team members to quickly identify a specific agent with multiple skills who has previously interacted with the caller, or someone who has handled that particular type of interaction, question, or problem before. Seamless integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) systems allows our ACD platform to access and display real-time data, including caller information and interaction history, within a convenient pop-up screen for the agent accepting the call. Because all ACD interactions are recorded and saved, robust analytics and reporting on agent based performance, call statistics, and more is simple, thorough, and up-to-date.



The Bright Pattern ACD solution is the most advanced in the marketplace.  By managing all interactions on a single unified platform, we allow the customer to interact on the communication channel of their choice while maintaining context and delivering a highly personalized experience. Our powerful omnichannel routing technology enables you to execute a myriad of strategies that best fit your business needs. This results in higher agent productivity and satisfaction, reduced costs, and greater customer satisfaction.


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