BPO Tips: How to Be Irresistible to Contact Centers

Standing out as a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider in the contact center space, where competitors are a dime a dozen, is a trick and a half these days. Just about every BPO offers similar features that were once considered cutting-edge but are now run-of-the-mill. Features like guaranteed uptime, scalability, and flexible pricing, once considered advanced, are now the norm.

To differentiate your BPO brand and win more RFPs, here are some of the features that BPOs need in their contact center software to offer more for their customers while being more irresistible to businesses looking for a BPO to help them with their contact center needs.

APIs For All Integrations

One of the best ways for BPOs to provide flexibility to their clients and stand out as a partner is by having contact center software that is adaptable to any use case and business workflow. This is usually done through APIs that easily integrate third-party software into the contact center platform.

Some integrations that can help BPOs boost the performance of their contact centers and add flexibility to how they serve their clients include integrations like CRM integrations, AI integrations, workforce management integrations, quality management integrations, and Microsoft Teams integrations.

With the flexibility to add any integrations to a contact center platform, BPOs can easily adapt to the needs of their clients and differentiate their brand from others.

Bring Your Own Telco

Another important way your contact center platform can increase the flexibility of your BPO and help you differentiate yourself from the competition is by allowing you to bring your own telecommunications provider. For example, on Bright Patterns platform, BPOs can maintain their relationships with their own telecom carrier during a transition from an on-premise contact center to the cloud.

While most vendors do not offer the option to bring your own telco, Bright Pattern’s software allows you to bring your own telco provider and by bringing your own, you can maximize cost savings and maintain business continuity. You can also add other providers to the mix, like bringing in phone providers for inbound, outbound, toll-free, and international calls.

Finally, all of these features are easily administered through Bright Pattern’s cloud-based application, giving your BPO full control over telephony, like phone numbers, access, and more.

Flexible CRM Integrations

Finally, advanced CRM integrations are crucial for BPOs to differentiate themselves and win more RFPs. By having flexible CRM integrations in your contact center solution, you can offer more choices for your customers due to the platform’s broad compatibility with every customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

In other words, currently the contact center platform you are using is most likely compatible with only a limited number of third-party CRM providers like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Oftentimes, your customers may have customized or personal CRM systems that they don’t want to switch off of. These CRM systems may be incompatible with the platform your BPO is using, meaning your engineers must roll up their sleeves and try to manually integrate it with your platform—a process that can delay the start of the contract.

From the customer’s perspective, waiting several days or weeks for your business to accommodate their needs makes little sense when they can simply contact another provider and receive same-day service. Requests can shift very quickly in the contact center space, and not every customer that expresses interest in your platform is guaranteed to stay when finding out that it may take weeks to get them up and running. Requests can move very quickly in the contact center space.

Bright Pattern can solve this challenge for you.

Bright Pattern’s platform can easily integrate with any third-party CRM company, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Oracle ServiceCloud, ServiceNow, and Zendesk. Furthermore, Bright Pattern can also be integrated with any natively-built CRM system that a customer may be using through open APIs. In addition to offering pre-built CRM integrations, Bright Pattern’s platform includes these open APIs for limitless flexibility with third-party CRM software. In true plug-and-play style, Bright Pattern can easily connect to just about any CRM platform on the market, enabling faster—and safer—CRM integration.

Enable your agents to track the customer journey, customize and personalize customer interactions, and get crucial customer information at their fingertips instantly with Bright Pattern’s comprehensive CRM integrations.

Bright Pattern for BPO

Bright Pattern’s BPO Solution

Bright Pattern’s cloud-based contact center software makes providing BPO call center services personalized and easy. Through powerful automation and AI tools, customizable APIs in the customer journey builder, and built-in quality management, streamline your business processes and help businesses deliver exceptional customer service.

Due to Bright Pattern’s software being based on the cloud, Bright Pattern can support a BPO of any size in any region around the world. All of the latest technology and updates are easily pushed through the cloud, giving your BPO access to new technology without the costs of upgrading.

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