How MarketSource Improved Employee and Customer Experience with New Digital Channels

MarketSource, an Allegis Group company, is the proven alternative to traditional sales outsourcing. The company believes that better sales begin with better relationships. For over 40 years, MarketSource has partnered with organizations of all sizes to recruit, train, and manage sales professionals, brand ambassadors, product experts, and passionate professionals. Better sales are simply MarketSourced.

MarketSource believes in better relationships, both internally and externally. Fostering deep connections between people and brands has been a fundamental tenet since 1975. As technology has advanced and the channels of communications for customers opened, MarketSource saw an opportunity to re-calibrate their customer experience. In late 2018, MarketSource decided a shift was ideal for addressing growing needs and set out to find an omnichannel technology platform.

Throughout the company’s testing of other CX platforms, they identified a need for historical records, omnichannel contact tracking, and an advanced telephone user interface. In addition, MarketSource desired a true omnichannel solution with customizable reporting and workflows without customization needed.

Ultimately, MarketSource decided that Bright Pattern checked all of the boxes. With the assistance of Customer Success Representative Kelly Hunt, MarketSource was able to transition to Bright Pattern Contact Center with ease. She was able to demonstrate the feature-rich platform and reinforce the value proposition to everyone involved.

Since the implementation of Bright Pattern, MarketSource gained the ability to build custom reports for different teams, access robust call tracking, utilize historical customer data, scale usability and offer service to remote teams.

Rolling Bright Pattern out to segmented teams (e.g., business development, account managers, lead generation specialists) was the main priority. These teams are mostly remote and, in some areas, utilize specialized software to capture new clients. By switching everyone to Bright Pattern, MarketSource effectively streamlined its workforce and increased productivity. No matter how MarketSource decides to utilize its new CX platform in the future, Bright Pattern will always be there to assist along the way.

MarketSource Press Release
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