Invest Now in CX, But Choose Wisely

In previous blog posts from our 2021 CX Trends series, we looked at people, processes, economics, and systems to provide the best customer experience in the post-pandemic contact center. We’ve looked at trends like the rise of mobile channels, the increasing demand for AI, and the rise of cloud-based CX solutions. While it may seem counterintuitive to shake things up in the midst of all the chaos in the world, now is the perfect time to invest in CX. In a recent survey by TATA Consultancy Services to determine the impact of COVID-19 on businesses, only 10% of respondents stated they would reduce investments in digital transformation. Additionally, the participants cited increases in “collaborative technologies” and “cloud-native technologies” as two of the top three investments strategies (see figure below).

There are several reasons why investing in CX now will pay dividends later:

  1. People will remember good CX – As we highlighted earlier, there have been countless stories of consumers waiting on hold (or not getting through at all) and let’s not forget all the instances of price gouging, profiteering, and hoarding (Toilet paper? Really?). Bad CX is like a plague where eventually people just come to accept it as the norm. However, good CX stands alone like a desert oasis and consumers will flock to organizations that treat their customers like gold.
  2. Battle testing – There may never be a better time to push CX components to its limits. As of this writing, we may still be in for a second or third wave of COVID-19 before a vaccine is widely available. By investing in CX solutions now, companies will have a chance to utilize any and all features in order to overcome further shutdowns or spikes in traffic.
  3. Kick the tires – Many CX software providers are offering low cost trials of their software during the pandemic and promising very short implementation windows, sometimes in as little as a couple weeks. This is the perfect time to test out features that a business may lack or don’t have optimized.

Keep up with the hottest trends in CX. Check out Bright Pattern’s full guide “2021 Customer Experience Trends: The ABCs of the Post Pandemic Contact Center

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2021 Customer Experience Trends: The ABCs of the Post Pandemic Contact Center

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