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An outbound call center is a vital part of the customer experience that many businesses provide. An outbound call center can exist for many different purposes. Outbound call centers allow businesses to make outbound calls to customers and prospects efficiently. These call centers are useful for use cases like telemarketing, outbound sales, fundraising, surveying, and other purposes. For that reason, outbound call centers and the software they use are heavily focused on connectivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By reaching more customers and utilizing effective outbound call center software tools, businesses that rely on outbound call centers can boost productivity, increase lead conversion, reach out to more prospects and customers in less time, reduce idle time, and improve satisfaction. Here are some of the outbound call center software tools that your business needs to ensure effective, efficient outbound calls while delivering great customer service. 

Multiple Dialing Modes

One of the major tools that your outbound call center software should support is multiple dialing modes. Dialing mode types include predictive dialing, progressive dialing, and preview dialing. 

Predictive dialing is a method of dialing in which the software selects a phone number and dials it for a call center agent. The predictive dialer uses algorithms and mathematical formulas to figure out how long the agent will answer the call and when they’ll be available to take the next one. The predictive dialer will dial numbers before the agent is ready to take the next call and figure out which number is ready or available, skipping busy signals, unanswered calls, disconnected lines, fax machines, and other signs that the number will not be a good number to dial. 

Progressive dialing removes the need to dial in numbers and the system is automatically dialing the next number on a list. This reduces wait times between calls and allows the agent to keep making calls without having to dial numbers. Finally, a preview dialer allows agents to see the next call on a list. It is up to the discretion of the agent on whether to take the call or not. This is especially useful in more complex situations or use cases where the agent needs to conduct research on a customer or learn about their activity history before making the call to increase chances of success. 

By supporting different dialing modes, outbound call center software can provide the tools to make businesses more efficient by allowing them to find the specific mode they need for their specific use case.

Predictive Dialing Modes

Omnichannel Capabilities

Having omnichannel capabilities is important for outbound call centers that want to reach prospects and customers on more than just voice channels. Omnichannel platforms allow outbound call centers to reach prospects and customers on channels like email, SMS, text messaging, messaging apps, in-app messaging, web chat, and more.

Through omnichannel tools, outbound call center software can allow your outbound sales teams or telemarketing teams to reach prospects on a wide range of channels, increasing the audience as well as improving customer satisfaction by reaching them on the channels that they communicate on.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Automated Outbound Notifications

For many industries that provide services to others, such as the utilities industry, state and local government, the ITSM industry, and others, many events like service outages or maintenance updates can affect customers or clients. Because of this, many of these industries need outbound contact center tools to help them reach all affected customers or end users in a quick, efficient manner. This means that their outbound contact center platform should have the tools to help facilitate automated outbound notifications notifying end users about upcoming service outages, maintenance plans, or updates on resolution to issues.

Through an omnichannel platform, these service providers can utilize a variety of channels to notify their end users. Channels like SMS and text messaging, voice, email, and messaging apps can all be used to send out automated outbound notifications on the right outbound contact center software. Through the use of scheduling and CRM integration tools within an outbound call center platform, these outbound notifications can also be automated to improve efficiency while reaching a large audience.

AI-Powered Automation


Finally, you should ensure that your outbound call center is cloud-based. Being based on the cloud means that your call center can forego expensive costs, like hardware and software maintenance costs, professional IT staff costs, and the costs associated with storing hardware and software on-site. By getting access to outbound call center software tools from only an internet connection through a CCaaS vendor, your outbound contact center can save costs while getting access to the best outbound call center tools.

Bright Pattern, for example, is fully cloud-based. This means your contact center can get access to the best in outbound call center software tools, like multiple dialing modes, AI-powered automation, and CRM integrations, for a reasonable, pay-per-use price.

Cloud-based Software

Bright Pattern Outbound Call Center Software Tools

Bright Pattern’s cloud-based outbound call center software provides all the advanced tools your call center needs, like predictive dialing, preview dialing, progressive dialing, automation options, CRM integrations, and more, while being based on the cloud. This means you can provide great, efficient customer service on all outbound interactions for a reasonable, pay-per-use price.

To see the full list of features that you can get access to with Bright Pattern’s cloud-based outbound call center software

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