Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a software or hardware device that automatically places outbound calls and connects agents upon live answer. Dialers can monitor agent call duration and connect history in order to algorithmically dial two or more phone numbers simultaneously, in advance of an agent being available.

Bright Pattern’s predictive dialer provides a simple solution for increasing workforce productivity and utilization when contacting large lists of leads. Predictive dialers are commonly called auto dialers because they do the dialing for you—this means no manual dialing, no waiting to leave messages on machines, and no unanswered calls.

Our predictive dialer is designed to help businesses

  • Increase productivity and utilization of the workforce
  • Maximize call success rate
  • Simplify list management
  • Be compliant with the latest rules and regulations

How Predictive Dialers Work

The predictive dialer features a unique high-performance prediction algorithm that maximizes the productive time of an outbound agent. The algorithm does this by predicting when an agent will be able to accept a call and dialing the number automatically for the agent. In addition, the dialer algorithm can predict when the call will be completed and dial another number accordingly.

Auto dialers save agents precious time by eliminating manual dialing and connecting calls to agents only when the call is answered by a live person.

Achieve High Productivity and Occupancy

Our dialer can help increase the productivity of the agents handling the calls by increasing occupancy. Occupancy is the percentage of time that an agent spends actively handling interactions and after-call work. Even when operating with agent pool sizes of around 15 agents and list success rates in a vicinity of 1%, the dialer manages to pull a respectable 85% occupancy. That means that agents spend 85% of their time handling interactions rather than waiting around for calls to come in.

Linked campaigns also help to maintain high occupancy. For example, a low-priority campaign can be set to start dialing when a high-priority campaign is completed.

Save Agents Time with Answering Machine Detection

The predictive dialer utilizes answering machine detection (AMD) technology, which is able to detect whether a call is answered by a live person or an answering machine with 85% accuracy. (Beware of vendors advertising 90% accuracy, which is usually achieved on answering machine-only samples.)

Using AMD, the predictive dialer can maximize live answers by:

  • Pushing high-priority “hot lead” records to the top of the call list in real time
  • Using pooled calling numbers with optimal answer probability for a given dialed phone number
  • Utilizing customizable Right Party Contact (RPC) call scenarios
  • Dialing during safe call windows, accounting for the contact’s timezone, area code, and postal code
  • Filtering lists on the fly to first dial the records anticipated to have higher probability

Improve the Quality of Your Call Campaigns

Predictive dialers are useful for any contact center that makes many outbound calls to numerous numbers during a short period of time. The more numbers you need to dial, the more useful the dialer becomes. Contact centers typically initiate call campaigns, where a specified list of phone numbers will be dialed according to specified rules (e.g., timeframe, Do Not Call list, priority numbers, etc.).

The following are some of the ways that dialers can make campaign calls more efficient for your business:

  • Campaigns can use multiple lists, and lists can be used in multiple campaigns. Lists can be enabled or disabled in real time
  • Highly flexible team assignment and association with campaigns
  • Use one list in multiple campaigns (with list sorting and filtering)
  • Dynamically start, stop, enable, and assign campaigns on-the-fly
  • Real-time list updating means you don’t have to stop the campaign to increase the size of the list
  • List population and results from export via an API, FTP/SFTP, as well as manually
  • The same lists can be dialed by multiple systems, with different filters and exchanging exclusion lists on the fly

Stay in Compliance

Using a predictive dialer ensures that your contact center dials records within the correct time window and timezone, supporting per-US-state mandatory calling hours requirements. Our contact center solution makes it easy to adhere to safe calling hours.

The Ultimate Blended Solution

Bright Pattern’s predictive dialer is an integral part of our multi-channel call center software solution with a number of essential features, such as supervision tools, quality management with screen monitoring, and recording.

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