Boost the Performance of your campaign with the Bright Pattern predictive dialer


A predictive dialer dials a list of telephone numbers and connects answered live calls to agents, thereby enabling them to save time and make significantly more calls more efficiently than they could do manually.

Predictive dialing systems coupled with a cloud contact center allow these benefits to be increased even further by integrating outbound dialers into one seamless omnichannel conversation. A cloud-based predictive dialer provides greater functionality and flexibility  than traditional predictive dialers without requiring local installation thereby reducing the cost of operations and maintenance of hardware.



Algorithms have become tremendously important in the world of cloud technologies and call center solutions, and the best predictive dialer solutions take advantage of such algorithms. When it comes to increasing agent productivity and their dialing rate, cloud-based predictive dialers are a huge benefit to business, because they are able to handle call control as well as call distribution. By mathematically predicting when a call center agent should be able to field a call, outbound contact centers can more effectively utilize their agents by eliminating wasted time manually dialing or waiting for an answer from cold calling. Once you’ve used a dialing software solution that offers automatic call distribution, you won’t believe you were ever approaching inbound and outbound calls any other way!



Bright Pattern’s cloud predictive dialer provides a simple but powerful campaign and contact management solution for dialing large lists of leads and contacts that will dramatically increase ROI as well as improve workforce productivity and utilization. Predictive dialers do the dialing for you—this means no manual dialing, no waiting to leave messages on machines, and no unanswered calls.


  • Increase productivity and utilization of the workforce
  • Maximize call success rate
  • Simplify list management
  • Be compliant with the latest rules and regulations



The Bright Pattern predictive dialer features a unique high-performance prediction algorithm that maximizes the productive time of an outbound agent. The algorithm does this by predicting when an agent will be able to accept a call and dialing the number automatically for the agent. In addition, the dialer algorithm can predict when answered calls will be completed and dial another number accordingly.

Predictive dialers save agents precious time by eliminating manual dialing and connecting calls to agents only when the call is answered by a live voice response. This greatly enhances productivity as it enables call center agents to eliminate time spent on listening to unanswered calls, answering and fax machines, and other unnecessary time-consuming activities.



Many companies will agree that one of the greatest benefits of using predictive dialing is how they aid in boosting the quality of each campaign. Since predictive dialers utilize auto dialers to help you get the most out of your leads, including pushing high-priority “hot” leads to the top of the call list in real time, the overall quality and performance of your company’s call campaigns will also increase. That’s because predictive dialers are able to adapt on the fly to your needs, drawing from multiple lists and enabling and disabling them in real time. Plus, with dynamic list sorting and filtering options, your company can choose how each list is divided up on assignment to your representatives. This allows you to maximize each campaign by matching call assignments with appropriate geographic regions, time zones, and even by lead qualification. As your outbound campaign continues to run, you can constantly update the call center software list, too, allowing for an increase or decrease in sample size as you gain more information and insight without having to stop or pause the campaign!



The Bright Pattern Predictive dialer has become a mainstay of many call centers, and for a good reason. Since our predictive dialer software uses an advanced algorithm to automatically dial a series of phone numbers for your operators, and connects them to a call only when an individual answers, they spend time only on productive activities. With our predictive dialer, you no longer have to worry about leads being dialed manually or wasting time waiting for someone to answer. If your business handles large quantities of leads or outbound calls, predictive dialing is a great way to maintain effective lead management, manage your phone list, and increase efficiency at the same time.



With many communications laws and regulations changing each year, it can be hard to keep up. Congress seems to always be enacting new legislation that affects how and when phone calls can be made from a call center, and to who. Thankfully, predictive dialers are a part of that solution, as they are required to adhere to mandatory guidelines about how and when outbound phone calls can be made. As regulations continue to evolve, predictive dialers adapt with them, ensuring that your agents will never make a mistake that results in a hefty fine for your business.



Another important benefit of using predictive dialer technology is the ability to take advantage of many components of omnichannel cloud-based call center software. With an omnichannel approach, your business will be able to maximize efficiency and productivity by utilizing text messaging, video chats, social media, and, of course, voice solutions. Connecting with a lead via predictive dialer software and then immediately being able to reach back out to them through a more convenient medium to them like email or text can be the difference between a sale or a miss, and ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction and a streamlined business process. Additionally, when utilized as part of a multichannel call center approach, predictive call center dialers allow you to take advantage of your customers’ data in robust ways. If campaign managers are interested in monitoring how a specific agent is doing in terms of talk time or their abandoned calls rate, they are able to so with advanced supervision features. Furthermore, if your business is concerned about quality and call management, especially when it comes to high call volumes, your call center dialers software can handle it, too, and offers features such as call recording and call monitoring, as well as screen monitoring and screen recording.


  • Improved ROI
  • Increased Agent occupancy(minutes per hour talk-time)
  • Flexibility to Change sale or product strategy on the fly
  • Using advanced filters and algorithms to dial contacts and connect agents with a high probability of answering
  • Maximizing high-priority leads with quality monitoring and call routing that pushes high-quality contacts to the top of an agent’s list
  • Only dialing during time windows where an answer is likely, factoring in geographic location and time zone
  • Real-time statistics and visibility
  • Higher agent success and morale


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