Tips for Improving Customer Service in a Healthcare Call Center

The healthcare industry provides crucial services to clients and customers, and delivering exceptional customer service is critical. Customers and patients want personalized and efficient service when talking to their healthcare providers, and having a high-performing contact center is important for fulfilling this goal. Here are some tips on how your healthcare call center can improve customer service and increase patient satisfaction.

Implement an Omnichannel Communications Platform

A major part of delivering exceptional customer service in the healthcare industry, and any industry for that matter, is by allowing customers to reach your company over any communication channel. This means traditional channels, like voice and emails, as well as digital channels, like SMS, text messaging, messenger apps, and web chat, should all be utilized for customer interactions.

It’s not enough to just have these channels available for customers to utilize, however. These channels should also seamlessly work with one another, meaning patients can switch between channels seamlessly. This means an interaction that starts on a web chat should be able to switch to a conversation over the phone, which can then be switched to a conversation over SMS and text messaging.

To do this, your healthcare company needs to implement an omnichannel communications platform. This means a call center software that supports all of these channels, while treating these channels as part of one conversation. By implementing omnichannel-capable call center software, your healthcare company can boost patient satisfaction and create a seamless experience for both agents and customers.

Keep Protected Health Information Secure

A critical aspect of running a healthcare call center is keeping private information secure. The healthcare industry handles protected health information, or PHI, constantly, and keeping private information about patients and customers is crucial for an efficient healthcare contact center that also delivers exceptional customer service.

As a result, healthcare organizations need call center software that supports HIPAA compliance and ensures data security during interactions, no matter what channel the interaction happens on. Bright Pattern’s call center software, for example, supports roles-based access controls, encryption of data transmissions, and powerful scripting capabilities that collect, transfer, and process customer data securely.

How Bright Pattern Can Help Your Healthcare Organization

Utilize Quality Management to Monitor 100% of Interactions

Omnichannel Quality Management allows your contact center to monitor 100% of interactions on all channels. This helps ensure that 100% of all interactions on all channels are monitored for quality, and that no interaction is unaccounted for. Depending on the platform, implementing quality management on all channels is easy and seamless.

On Bright Pattern’s platform, for example, all of this data is congregated into a Unified Reporting Dashboard that is easy for supervisors to use to monitor interactions. Supervisors can see key metrics and KPIs on all channels, and see agent performance through Bright Pattern’s Omni QM technology. Bright Pattern’s Omni QM tool is also powered by sentiment and text analysis, and allows for real-time intervention. For example, if an interaction over a messenger app is detected as having become negative, this interaction can be transferred to a retention specialist. The interaction history is then saved for review and retraining. With the right quality management technology, your healthcare organization can ensure that every interaction with every patient and customer is smooth, efficient, and high in customer satisfaction.

Bright Pattern for Improving Customer Service in a Healthcare Call Center

Customers and patients today are more mobile and digital than ever. Patients want to be able to connect with your healthcare organization on channels like messenger apps, text messaging, SMS, mobile apps, and more, on top of traditional channels like voice and email. Patients and customers also want a personalized experience with their healthcare provider, meaning the call center should have advanced tools like AI-powered agent assistance, powerful self-service options, and comprehensive CRM integrations to help agents personalize the customer and patient experience.

Your healthcare organization should choose the right call center platform to help improve customer service. Bright Pattern, for example, has tools like CRM integrations, omnichannel capabilities, omnichannel quality management, integrations with best-of-breed AI, and AI-powered self-service and IVR options for a personalized, modern healthcare experience.

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