Organized and Useable

Our Agent Desktop application keeps your contacts and interaction activity organized into cases, so agents can find and review records quickly. Inside each case, you’ll find a customer’s complete communication history across all channels, including conversations from emails, chats, mobile messengers, phone calls, SMS/texts, videos, and so forth. Everything from transcripts to call recordings is stored in one place.


The search function helps agents find exactly what they need. Searchable by keyword, name, status, number, date, and more, cases present data in a useful way, so agents do not have to scroll down to the beginning of time to find specific information.

Case Status

Cases have a status of either open or closed. Open cases show agents the customer’s latest activity in its context, while closed cases are marked as such because they are complete and no further action is needed. Knowing, at a glance, whether a case is recent or complete keeps agents stay focused on current interactions, follow-up items, and tasks.


  • All communication records stored in a single place on the Agent Desktop
  • Covers conversations across all channels of communication
  • Email, chat, voice transcripts, and more are filed into cases
  • Search, sort, filter, and flag cases
  • Status labels indicate open or closed cases

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