Listen to What Customers Are Saying

Bright Pattern utilizes IBM Watson’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to learn from topics of conversation in email and chat interactions. Not only does our contact center solution identify and analyze your customers’ keywords and sentiment values, but it attaches priorities to certain keywords and escalates interactions of specific sentiments to the next level in your call center.

Route and Prioritize Interactions

NLU helps your contact center analyze and plan for how to handle every type of customer interaction, even the most challenging ones. Messages with hot-button words such as “problem” or “help” or “worst,” for example, can trigger the messages to be routed to specific agents or teams who are the highest skilled to handle them. Likewise, messages with the angry sentiment, can be given a higher priority and faster resolution than other messages. Interactions in which the customer seems satisfied and uses keywords such as “thank you!” or “great,” for example, may trigger a very different type of response, such as a follow-up for a survey.

Be Prepared for Select Keywords and Emotions

Contact center administrators can configure sentiment analysis on a per-service basis, allowing incoming email texts, for example, to be submitted to the sentiment analysis provider, which stores the result as a sentiment attribute for corresponding emails. For example, an admin could specify the word “unsubscribe” as a keyword to watch out for, and the system would automatically attach a negative-type sentiment attribute to the email, displaying it on Agent Desktop as a smiley-type emoji next to the email item in queue.


  • Natural Language Understanding is used to route and prioritize messages
  • Specify keywords to watch out for, and attach sentiments to them
  • Distribute email and chat interactions to the agents who are the best skilled to handle them
  • Agents instantly know the mood of an email or chat, based on its assigned sentiment attribute

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