Track Your Call Center’s Performance

Our service level management tools provide informative metrics that show your call center exactly how well it is able to serve customers. Our metrics deliver information about service level, which is generally calculated as the percentage of all interactions that agents can handle within a service level threshold (i.e., predetermined time frame). With Bright Pattern, you can manage service levels by calculating and configuring specific service level thresholds for your organization’s particular needs.

Prioritize Interactions

Service level threshold is the amount of time remaining before a service level commitment is breached, as defined by your contact center. Knowing that predetermined time frame can help both agents and supervisors work faster and more efficiently to respond to customers before the threshold expires. For inbound customer calls, for example, your contact center may specify that agents must answer 80 percent of calls (service level) within 20 seconds (service level threshold). Likewise, your contact center may want agents to respond to 100 percent of email messages (service level) within one day or less (service level threshold). Both cases are examples of how service level management can be applied to your contact center.

Understand Team Successes and Areas of Improvement

Real-time service level metrics are continually refreshed on Agent Desktop wallboards and dashboards, helping agents and supervisors see how their team performs and prioritizes interaction handling. This actionable data is also saved in detailed service reports for supervisors and administrators to use for quality monitoring, agent performance assessment, and more.


  • Track your team’s ability to meet service level commitments
  • Define service level and service level threshold for voice calls, email, SMS interactions, and more
  • Use service level data to prioritize interactions in the queue
  • Use Agent Desktop’s real-time metrics to see how much time you have to respond to customers
  • View service data in comprehensive reports

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