Outbound Contact Center

Our Bright Pattern outbound contact center solution can help you manage, automate, and organize your outbound dialing campaigns and resources. Bright Pattern provides increased productivity, control, and flexibility. And it helps ensure regulatory compliance. The wide range of features, coupled with world-class scalability, will be the driving force behind the ongoing success of your outbound line of business.

Increased Productivity

Rapidly call down leads with our predictive dialer. Our truly predictive algorithm ensures increased occupancy and regulatory compliance. On low-probability answer lists, like those used in collections campaigns, Bright Pattern can dial dozens of predictive calls ahead of every agent, saving you infrastructure expenses while keeping agents productive. Other dialing modes are available too.

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Command and Control

Keep your finger on the pulse of your campaigns with real-time displays, reporting agent statistics, disposition counts, campaign list states, and more. Customize your dashboard to meet your unique needs. Monitor and grade customer interactions, start and stop campaigns, enable and disable lists, add or remove team members as needed, all on-the-fly, as needed.

Full Flexibility

All of our interfaces are web-based, which means complete flexibility in sourcing and locating agents, while ensuring they can all be supervised. We provide a range of agent connection options, from the softphone built into the agent browser interface, to an always-on wireline connection.

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Powerful Automation Tools

Automate routine tasks to save time, further increase productivity and establish smooth, repeatable, process flows. Feed the results of one campaign into another, and schedule regular list imports or campaign result exports, with recordings. You can run different campaigns periodically at different times of the day, or on different dates, and start or stop specific campaigns by the day and hour.

Salesforce and Third-party Application Integration

With our Salesforce CRM integration, you can click-to-call, and pop any Salesforce object on the agent’s screen. The integration is built-in to Bright Pattern, and it works from day-one, so there’s no need to engage in an expensive integration effort when you deploy. Our Scenario Builder graphical interface allows administrators to simply drag and drop Salesforce building blocks into logic flows, to perform screen-pops, data-dips, or access URLs.

And if you’re using another CRM, we support that too. Our API-based design allows us to easily integrate with other third-party CRMs or lead management systems. Ask us how.

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Regulatory Compliance

Bright Pattern supports multiple internal do-not-call lists, allowing phone numbers to be added per-client, or per-line-of-business. Bright Pattern provides dropped call statistics in real-time and can automatically exclude stale opt-in records. Calls can be recorded with encryption, and you may configure the ‘drop call’ timer to ensure compliance with the three second threshold.

Want to learn more?

We are happy to answer questions and discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online or set up a pilot project to trial the solution without paying any license fees