How to Use a Virtual Call Center Model For Your Business

Businesses are constantly changing to meet the needs of their customers. Customer support teams fluctuate in size to meet changing needs and demands of customers on a seasonal basis. Businesses also need to be efficient and productive while providing excellent customer experiences to build customer relationships and loyalty. Furthermore, in the event of a disaster or crisis, businesses need to be able to maintain continuity by allowing operations to continue from the safety of their employees’ homes.

Businesses can get the flexibility they need in their customer service operations with a virtual call center solution. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a virtual call center and how to implement one in your business. 

Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

A virtual call center means call center software that is based on the cloud rather than a traditional, on-premise system. A virtual call center has many benefits over a traditional, on-premise call center that will boost your business performance and provide the flexibility that your business needs. 

A virtual call center, being based on the cloud, can flex to the number of agents that your contact center needs instantly. Customer demand can be very seasonal, and some businesses may experience more seasonal demand and traffic than others. With a virtual solution, you can “flex” your contact center to meet increased demand by quickly onboarding more people, then decrease your contact center’s size when demand goes down. Unlike a premise where adding new agents is hard, a virtual call center means onboarding agents is easy and quick. 

A virtual call center can also lower technology expenses. A virtual set-up means your business doesn’t have to maintain expensive hardware and software. A virtual set-up also means access to new technology comes instantly, giving you access to the latest in CX technology without having to overhaul any hardware system or add new software. 

Finally, a virtual call center gives your business peace of mind through business continuity. During disasters and crises, your business can keep going by allowing agents to work safely from home. With the latest in CX technology, a remote workforce is just as effective as an on-premise team, meaning your business can keep going at full pace even while everyone is working remotely. 

Software for Your Business

Deploying a traditional call center solution may not be feasible for every business, especially small businesses that might not have the capital or space to house and maintain a large system of hardware and software. A virtual solution gives businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, access to the latest in CX technology. A virtual solution also makes advanced CX technology an affordable, reasonable option for any business that wants to boost their CX. 

A virtual contact center can be tailored to suit any business need or use case as well. Different industries have different needs, and a virtual platform can be tailored on-the-fly to meet new challenges that your business faces. For example, a virtual platform can quickly add new, emerging channels in your industry. New technology that can boost your efficiency and improve customer service, like quality assurance and AI, can be added on-the-go. 

A virtual platform is suitable for businesses of any size and can be custom-tailored to meet your specific needs, without requiring large amounts of money and resources.

Technology Needed for Your Virtual Call Center

To make a virtual call center just as effective for your business as an on-premise solution, you need to ensure you have the right technology in your virtual platform. One technology your virtual call center needs to have is omnichannel communication. Omnichannel communication allows your agents to communicate with customers seamlessly across any channel, giving your customers a personalized, flexible experience. 

Another important technology that your virtual platform needs is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence powers many other important functions that will boost your contact center operations. AI can power self-service, automate routine tasks, and perform comprehensive quality management on a global scale. Especially for a contact center working remotely, AI can unify a remote workforce and empower agents to work as part of a team. 

Bright Pattern’s virtual call center platform can provide all the tools needed for a reasonable, pay-per-use cost. Our virtual platform opens the doors for businesses of any size to utilize powerful contact center technology. 

For more information about Bright Pattern’s virtual platform, request a demo.

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