Bright Pattern makes software that helps make the communication between businesses and their customers more enjoyable and efficient. We help people to communicate with businesses over phone, SMS, email, web chat, video and a number of messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger. 

We help businesses to organize the people, automate frequent responses and stay in context of the customer inquiries from contact to contact, irrespective of the contact channel. Our software is provided over the Internet as a service. Our software is handling millions of our customers’ conversations every month, so the individual impact of each of our employees’ contributions is huge.

We are looking for Senior Java Engineers to join our strong professional team bringing the next generation contact center technology.

What we want from you:

  • You have to be willing to take ownership of a significant piece of functionality, become responsible for its quality and performance and take pride when it works well
  • You obviously have to have a decent knowledge and practical experience in Java
  • You should be comfortable doing SQL or MongoDB queries and have an understanding of how hard your queries are, how they will perform on the large databases
  • You should enjoy working independently, with minimal daily supervision
  • You should be willing to work in group projects with a several peers working on other pieces of the same project – work with peers, discuss and agree on details of protocols and separation of functionality, software development is a team sport.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with or willingness to learn React, jQuery
  • Experience implementing scalable, stable, high throughput HTTP/Rest services
  • Experience using MongoDB
  • Linux experience (development, operation, administration)
  • Basic knowledge of C++
  • Familiarity Jenkins, InfluxDB, Grafana, Elastic Search

Why it is fun working for us:

  • New development, innovative product, interesting projects
  • Strong professional team
  • Great opportunity for personal development


  • Yes we have them