Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution

Explore why Bright Pattern has the highest est. ROI in the industry.


Cloud-Based, True Omnichannel, AI-Powered

Bright Pattern’s AI-powered omnichannel call center solution is a powerful contact center solution and customer experience platform that can be tailored for any industry. Connect with customers over any digital channel utilizing advanced features and call center technology. Tailor Bright Pattern’s call center software and advanced functionality to suit your industry. Get all of the customer service solutions and call center services you need at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution.

Best-of-breed AI for agent assist, workflow automation, and intelligent routing.
Tailor advanced contact center software into your specific use case or scenario.
Powered by AI, get comprehensive reporting and gain insights into customer interactions.

CX Platform for Your Industry

Boost customer satisfaction and become a customer experience leader in your industry. See what Bright Pattern can do for you.

Connect On Any Channel

Customer interactions on any channel. Utilize channels like voice, video, live chat, SMS text, instant messaging, messaging apps, and social media.


Cloud-Based Flexibility

Provide flexibility to your service teams, telemarketing teams, customer support teams, and help desks. Cloud-based means high scalability for fluctuations in the volume of incoming calls and call queue. Utilize software like customer relationship management (CRM) systems as well.

Industries and Compliances We Support
Sales and Marketing
Customer Service
Travel and Hospitality
Financial Services and Banking

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    Bright Pattern Call Center Software Features

    Inbound Calls
    Outbound calls
    Blended call center
    Single sign-on (SSO)
    True omnichannel
    WFO/WFM Integration
    Single customer view
    Call recording
    Screen recording
    Screen-pop functionality
    Built-in knowledge base
    Campaign Management
    Advanced VOIP capabilities
    Multi-tenant architecture
    Intelligent omnichannel routing
    Automatic call distribution (ACD
    Advanced business phone system
    Computer telephony integration (CTI)
    Integrates with all CRM platforms
    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    Omnichannel quality management
    Click-to-call, click-to-chat capability
    Rich administration and supervisor tools
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities
    PBX phone system and phone support
    Omnichannel Agent Desktop and Dashboards
    Progressive, automatic, and predictive dialers
    All digital channels (e.g., chat, email, SMS text, messengers, video, etc.)

    The Benefits of Bright Pattern Virtual Contact Center

    Bright Pattern is one of the best ROI solutions in the market, achieving half the time on ROI compared with competitors .
    Integrations with AI and CRMs ensure access to powerful analytics and metrics. Turn live calls and callers into conversions.
    Intelligent dialer and routing, AI assist, and OmniQM ensure agent empowerment in your virtual call center, letting you better serve the business community.

    Why Thousands of Users Love Bright Pattern

    24/7 support
    Highest ROI in industry
    Fastest implementation
    Pay as you go pricing
    Team of qualified professionals
    A Bright spot in the Call Center Solution marketplace. It is a big call center but is not intimidating and I found it very easy to configure and use. The support is fantastic and you are actually allowed to talk to people who know the product and can look at it from a highly technical standpoint. High quality and easily scalable.
    - Eric D, Help Desk Manager

    Users Love Bright Pattern

    Bright Pattern - a world of difference. Documentation and customer support put other CCaaS platforms to shame.
    Scott W.
    Zipwire 3rd line support Contact centre management and reporting.
    Artyom C.
    Outstanding Customer Service Bright Pattern is helping my support team reach an SLA of 70% of all calls answered in 30 secs , 99%…
    Sal Y.
    Bright Patterns Overall my experience with it has been pleasant. It works fairly well and is easy to use and understand.
    Bryana Rodriguez

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Omnichannel contact center software is software that allows agents to seamlessly interact with customers across channels (voice, sms, email, in-app chat, etc). Cloud contact center software is software that's hosted virtually, providing 99% uptime and enabling remote workforces.
    Brightpattern has the highest est. ROI in the industry, and an average time to deploy of only 1.6 months. You can have your call center or contact center up and running on Bright Pattern's virtual omnichannel software within weeks.

    Demo Bright Pattern's Cloud-Based Call Center Software Solution

    Explore the highest ROI solution in the industry. Bright Pattern's omnichannel contact center software has been awarded the highest est. ROI, and fastest time to deploy in the industry by G2.