ServiceNow Help Desk

ServiceNow Help Desk is the IT administrator’s one-stop shop for managing incidents and cases through a self‑service portal using chat, email, the phone, and on-call scheduling. ServiceNow Help Desk makes it easy to prioritize incoming events based on agreed service level targets and automatically route them to the appropriate resolution group.

ServiceNow Help Desk provides:

  • Incident management through a self-service portal
  • Chat, email, phone, and on‑call scheduling for communicating in context
  • The capability to prioritize events based on SLAs
  • Automatic routing of incidents

Bright Pattern Contact Center integration with ServiceNow brings experts or knowledge workers into customer conversations, in context, to resolve service inquiries faster. Omnichannel communications for ServiceNow allows your contact center to assist with problem resolution or service request fulfillment. ServiceNow users can recognize customers, record and distribute the interactions to analysts, capture customer satisfaction with post-transactional surveys, and assess analyst performance through an extensive set of reports.

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