Zendesk Integration

The integrations of Zendesk with Bright Pattern’s omnichannel cloud call center software, to help you manage increasing contact volume, provide better service to your customers, and increase agent productivity and performance. Everything to implement a model Zendesk Call Center.


An integrated phone system complete with Zendesk IVR for customer recognition and self-service, voicemail tickets and more


Push routing, multiple concurrent chats on agent, Facebook Messenger, SMS and other messaging, customer identification and self-service over chat in this Zendesk live chat integration


Handle customer inquiries over SMS as chat; send reference information via SMS on a call; process post-call surveys via SMS integrated with Zendesk


Built-in softphone, screen pop, click to call, activity history, and a very convenient user interface.

“We initially struggled to find a multichannel contact center solution that flawlessly integrated with Zendesk, but with Bright Pattern, the integration worked from the day one. What impressed me most was Bright Pattern’s team of industry experts that helped us customize the integration to fit our specific needs. There was no “red tape” in the process, and I was able to directly communicate with the Bright Pattern team to create customized features. Many contact center providers offer an integration with Zendesk, but none that I’ve found are as flexible or as customizable as Bright Pattern.”

Gavin Blair, Head of Customer Experience, Canary 

Increase Agent Productivity with an Integrated Agent Desktop

  • Agent desktop user interface is optimized for convenience, to minimize clutter while keeping functions at close reach by displaying only the controls and information needed at each point of work
  • Drive tickets to resolution faster with internal chat between agents and supervisors
  • Dispatch repetitive tasks quickly with knowledge base, canned responses for chat, and click-to-play personal pre-recorded messages
  • Recognize and prioritize customers and screen pop tickets with multi-media interaction scenarios driving customer identification
  • Dial customers’ phones with a single click using built-in software telephone featuring click-to-call
  • Have context of past conversations at agent’s fingertips with call activity history saved in ticket log, including call recordings and voicemails
  • Gain insights on agent performance with real-time operations displays and historical interaction reports
Zendesk integrations Call center software

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Provide Better Service with Rich Contact Channels and Powerful Tools

  • Fit your service in your customers’ life easier by offering service over rich web chat, SMS, social messengers and mobile apps; they can text customer support from a public place, such as train or doctor’s waiting room privately, making use of otherwise lost time
  • A customer doesn’t have to wait on the phone when contacting through SMS or mobile app: they can go about their business and get alerted when an agent is available
  • Customers don’t have to write things down on a call with SMS messaging on agent desktop
  • Customers are recognized automatically based on the data in Zendesk
  • Customers can be serviced in priority order, with priority derived from the data in Zendesk
  • Service quality is better managed with call and interaction recording and grading
  • Customers don’t have to repeat their information on transfer, as the information on screen always follows the interaction

Zendesk IVR for Voice and Chat

Zendesk integrations Call center software

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