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Do you want to learn how to turn your contact center from a cost center to a profit center? Would you like to know how much poor customer service is costing American businesses? Would you like to find lower cost staffing or technology options for your contact center? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve summarized on one page all of our past newsletter updates that cover these topics and more, helping to keep you abreast of the trends in the virtual contact center industry.


We added E-mail, Video Channel, and Screen Recording to Our Contact Center Platform. An E-mail Channel and Screen Recording lead a long list of exciting new functionality we introduced with the latest version of our ServicePattern multi-media contact center platform.


Watch Bright Pattern’s new Webinar and discover how implementing tailored services for smartphone users into your contact center can help you immediately reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Did you know that you can set up and run our comprehensive multi-tenant cloud contact center software platform privately in less than 2 weeks? We offer cloud contact center as a service. We also recognize that sometimes public cloud is not an option


Read about the Top 3 Business Challenges for Retailers and learn how you can start addressing these challenges today. Also, learn about 5 things you are doing as a contact center that is annoying your customers in today’s connected world!


Not adopting new customer service technologies leaves companies at a competitive disadvantage. Read about 7 ways you can improve customer experience in your contact center and beat the competition by leveraging your customer’s smartphone.


Our ServicePattern 3.6 virtual contact center release provides rich contact experience features that enable you to leverage your customer’s smartphone to lower your costs and reduce reliance on IVR systems.


Learn how to master mobile customer service in your contact center by downloading this free whitepaper by ex-Gartner analyst Esteban Kolsky. Also, read the latest study data that explains the right way – and the wrong way – to do live web chat.


Free eBook download: This eBook, specifically formatted for mobile devices, by Erhan Cakmak, co-founder of Bright Pattern, explores how technology is impacting how buyers shop for products and how vendors sell them, including an increasing shift from field sales to inside sales. This shift will impact every sales and customer service focused contact center.


Survey’s confirmed the time and again that consumers are receptive to highly personalized e-mail messages that deliver offers that reflect past shopping behaviors or product interests. If consumers are so receptive to these messages, can they be used also to obtain Telephone Consumer Protection Act explicit opt-ins, for the delivery of highly targeted voice messages as well?


We have the tools to help you cope with last year’s changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) – read to find out! Register for a free live webinar with Bright Pattern and UberCloud, to see how UberCloud uses virtual contact center solutions to support its global user community of high-performance computing experts – one of the key tools is live web chat. Also, learn about how mobile sales are driving retail traffic – what does it mean for the contact center?


Find out about a webinar that explains how to turn your contact center from a cost center into an opportunity center. Or learn about how UberCloud uses virtual contact center solutions to support a global community of high-performance computing stakeholders. And, ThinkingVoice has created a new lead generation and lead enhancement engine to increase productivity for outbound contact centers.


Read about a new onshoring trend for virtual contact centers, and how multigenerational families are changing the patterns of spending in America. Also, learn how voice mail preview campaigns can help agents start their day.


An Accenture study says that $1.3 trillion is up for grabs as U.S. companies frustrate consumers with long hold times, poor first call resolution rates and inconsistent experiences across engagement channels, causing customers to switch to other service providers.


Still struggling with a Frankenstein contact center solution? Use our rebate program to trade-up to ServicePattern. Also, watch three recorded webinars to help you maximize the productivity of your contact center. For example, learn how to use social media to turn your contact center into a profit center.


Lower-cost contact center staffing options you may not be aware of. Earn a tax credit when you hire certain highly qualified virtual contact center agents…


The latest release of ServicePattern allows agents to play pre-recorded messages on outbound calls, and move on to other work while the message plays…Virtual contact center trade-up offers…


The Bright Pattern virtual cloud contact center now includes actionable, consistent, multichannel surveying as a standard feature that works right out of the box…


Nearly 100% (95% to be exact) of people surveyed say that they share BAD customer service experiences with others.


Unless and until internal company chat is tightly integrated and provided at no extra charge with cloud contact center solutions, front-line agents will rely on email for near-realtime and offline questions to supervisors and subject-matter experts…


Organizations are adopting cloud computing because when it is done right it lowers total costs, reduces CAPEX in favor of predictable opex, improves IT productivity, and accelerates solution deployment. However, in the rush to the cloud, the value and role of intermediaries have largely been ignored…


Everyone claims it, but no one does it right. The fact that you can easily scale from 5 to 5,000 is not important because your little startup is going to grow that big, that fast…


More than any other sport, baseball is fixated on metrics. And in business, contact centers are similarly obsessed with collecting data and measuring performance. But as Moneyball showed us, data can only provide knowledge when it is the right data and when it is analyzed properly…


The east coast of the US just got slammed by a huge snowstorm. Over 5,000 flights were canceled. Have you ever been is a busy, noisy airport when you are trying to rebook your flight? I have more often than I care to remember. Here’s a modest proposal for the airlines that would make a world of difference…


On Thursday, Bright Pattern announced very slick and empowering updated integration between and our ServicePattern virtual cloud contact center…


SMB or enterprise, here’s some advice to help you strategically & tactically get the most out of your contact center. These are just the teasers. Read the full article for the details…


Bright Pattern is a team of industry veterans that built some of the most successful products and companies in the contact center market. We realized that to build the platform for the future, we needed to build it from the ground up. Bright Pattern (the company) & ServicePattern (the solution – next generation virtual contact center software) is the result…

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