Call Center Software

Our cloud call center software helps contact centers to improve their customer experience and agent efficiency

Your customers can use their favorite media channels to communicate with representatives which can include voice, chat, chat with video/pictures, email, SMS, social media, mobile apps, and popular chat apps like WeChat, Line, and other social messengers.

From a blended web-based agent desktop, your agents can, in a true multi-channel way, handle virtually any type of media communication along with the ability to handle multiple media channels simultaneously. If for example, the agent’s inbound voice queue slows down, the agent might get pushed a chat or some emails to work on, thus increasing the agent’s efficiency and decreasing idle time.

Blended Multi-Channel Contact Center Technology

We lead a connected lifestyle enabled by rich contact capabilities of smartphones and mobile apps. Blended omni-connected engagement helps your customers to better fit customer service into their life.


talk to a customer over the phone, via a mobile app, or the web


answer customer emails between calls with the help of a knowledge base


reply to SMS inquiries automatically, or with the help of live representatives

omni-channel call center software

In-mobile-app Customer Support

let customers contact you via voice, text, video and picture exchange through your mobile app

Social Messengers

engage with customers in private using mobile apps already in their phones


use video for closer contact and building trust faster

Rich Web Chat

enrich web chat with voice, video, and file exchange

Web-based Call Center Software in HTML5

Bright Pattern’s call center software features web-based, HTML5, rich user interfaces that do not require Java or Flash. Contact center day-to-day operations, administration, and reporting are all accessible via a web browser.

Agent Desktop

call center agent desktop

Campaign Operator Console

campaign operator call center

Supervisor Tools

call center supervisor tools

Management Portal

call center configuration portal

Contact Center Workforce Optimization Tools

WFM/WFO Integration

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