The CIO’s Guide to Cloud Contact Center Technology

There are two good reasons why CIOs and vice presidents of IT need to know about cloud contact center technology. The obvious one is that your inside sales or customer care department needs a new solution to stay competitive. The less obvious reason is that your own department, the IT help desk, could use this solution.

Cloud Contact Center Technology for Traditional Contact Centers

In our hyper-competitive world of social media empowered consumers and non-differentiated products and services, customer experience can make or break a company. Customers choose how and when to contact you and are as likely to tweet bad things about your brand as they are to actually try to solve their problem. The impetus for new contact center technology is that none of the existing solutions allow your contact centers to deal with this new reality and meet their goals.

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Rich Contact Experience

“Rich Contact Experience” is a suite of contact center features intended to improve communication with connected customers via a website or mobile telephone application, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and cost savings for the contact center.

A plain old telephone is a dying breed, and while it must be supported, the support should be targeted at a limited sector of a customer base, similar to TDD.

Most customers today are using smart devices, and by using their capabilities, it is possible to offer them much better, rich contact experience:

  • Providing customer identification before contact, thus removing the need for IVR and helping prioritize interactions before they are queued;
  • Eliminating waiting in queue on a call;
  • Offering text messaging simultaneously with, or instead of a telephone call;
  • Sending pictures of documents or anything else during conversation with a contact center representative;
  • Provides an alternative to expensive inbound toll-free numbers for customer service.

Rich Contact Experience is based on an API in the ServicePattern platform that establishes and makes use of a side-band data communication channel alongside, or instead of, a telephone call.

The Rich Contact API is available for websites and mobile devices. We provide a free native library and example code for iOS, and Android; a REST API example is provided for website use.


Unified Customer Experience Management

We provide a customer experience management platform that helps you improve customer experiences while lowering costs. It is a seamless platform that supports all common communication channels and provides all of the customer and case history and status even when you or they jump from one channel to another.

The alternative is to cobble together solutions from multiple technology vendors and then to try to integrate them. But the result is a brittle architecture, and the past decade has taught us how expensive, frustrating, and ineffective that is.

Our approach is to offer all of this functionality in one easy-to-activate, easy-to-scale, easy-to-use solution.


The Cloud Test

Being the CIO, you know all about cloud computing. But make sure to read why our cloud solution is the only genuine cloud computing solution on the market.

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