Cloud Contact Center Solution Product Highlights

Blended Multi-media Contact Center Solution

Handling more than one interaction of various media types, including multiple simultaneous communications between a representative and a customer is a breeze with our ServicePattern contact center solution.

Blended interaction distribution takes into account multiple skills, contact history, escalations and priority, irrespective of channel. Based on back-end data, interactions can also be distributed personally or re-prioritized.

Fine control over the interaction blend on an agent desktop is actually easy to set up: things like “a voice call can interrupt processing of e-mail or interrupt up to 2 chats” are easy with Agent Capacity model employed by ServicePattern contact center solution.

Contact Center Solution

Voice in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

Contact center solution. Multi-media ACD Routing

All interactions are orchestrated from cradle-to-grave with scenarios– in case of voice calls, the scenarios are combining IVR and routing in a continuous call flow, from identification, segmentation, and service selection to call distribution and survey.

During heavy call volumes customers can hang up and receive a call when a representative is available, thanks to our virtual queue.

Web-based Agent Desktop provides full support for voice, including transfers, hold/retrieve and conferencing with a multitude of devices.

Web Chat in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

Deploying chat is as easy as copying an HTML snippet to your website. Chat UIs customization is also available.

Chat scenarios can automatically query customer and access back-end data before distributing the chat.

  • Representatives can handle multiple web chats simultaneously.
  • Canned response library is included.
  • Chat transcripts are saved, could be sent to customer by e-mail.
  • At the end of chat sessions, a survey is offered.

Cloud Contact Center Solution - chat

Mobile Customer Service in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

ServicePattern cloud contact center solution leverages smartphone capabilities to offer Rich Contact Experience: a multimedia communication channel to customer, combined with pre-call data collection and transmission from app or web page to ServicePattern. The channel supports any combination of the following media:

Go beyond multi-channel or omni-channel customer service, offer Rich Contact Experience! Available for iOS, Android, and Web applications.

Contact Center Solution

E-mail Processing in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

Cloud Contact Center Solution. e-mail-processing


Convenience of communication on their own schedule for both customers and businesses, for non-urgent topics.

Valleys in agent utilization are automatically filled with blended e-mail processing

Representatives handle incoming e-mail messages along with calls, chats and mobile, using the same skills-based distribution and media priority rules.

The messages could be categorized and prioritized based on multi-lingual keyword sets.

E-mail could be popped (pushed) to a ready agent if there are no higher priority interactions, or it could be delivered to a shared team queue for subsequent selection and “pull” by representatives.

Knowledge Management helps providing consistent reply content for frequent queries, and also automatically suggesting default “templates” for selected services.

Blended Video




  • Video helps building trust faster and receiving personal feedback earlier
  • Video customer service enables human touch in such applications as elderly care, or high-end customer support
  • Video lets a sales representative to see who they are talking to, how they react, and select the winning approach directly
  • Using video, human representatives can handle exceptions in any self-service POS terminal or ATM machine remotely
  • The approach allows improving sales and customer service consistency, training and supervision, while leveraging call center technology, and consolidating infrastructure
  • Video is deployed as part of Rich Contact Experience for web and mobile apps

Agent Desktop, Web-based in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

Agent Desktop in Cloud Contact Center Solution

Agent Desktop is a web application, supporting 4 major browsers. It offers controls to handle interactions of all supported types, along with internal chat, interaction flagging and real-time personal metrics.

The softphone/videophone component is included, installed as browser plug-in. In addition, calls can be handled via PSTN phone number, by dialing in and keeping line open or using SIP hardphone.

The UI is role- and context-based, offering only features allowed by the privileges of logged-in user. It is constantly adjusting to offer optimal controls to handle the task at hand.

Agent Metrics Dashboard

  • Shows up-to-the-minute performance indicators to agents
  • The competition factor, introduced by our ranking display, takes the performance even further by providing instant feedback and further empowering users
  • Activated by just a couple of clicks, per team




Contact Center Solution With Supervision Tools

Contact Center Solution. Supervisor Desktop, Dashboard

Supervision tools are built into Agent/Supervisor Desktop, extending it with real-time statistics dashboard for supervised teams and services.

  • Handy customizable alerts draw supervisor attention to anomalies.
  • Calls and other interactions can be monitored (including coach/barge-in modes) and graded on-the-fly.
  • Supervisor can also watch agents’ screens.

Quality Management in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solution. QM categories.

Quality management records all interactions and allows searching, reviewing and grading recordings.

Screen recording option allows recording screens during and in between interactions.

Monitoring of calls and other interactions (including coach/barge-in modes) is augmented with grading on the fly.

Quality management reports also include survey data and are offered by agents, service, and teams.

The encryption of all recordings and transcripts is controlled by a per-service option.

Screen Monitoring


  • Supervisors can now quickly assess the situation on agent’s desktop and see their workflow firsthand without walking the aisles, with a click of a button
  • Quality of interactions stays high when agents know that their interactions cold be monitored at any time
  • For virtual call centers, when agents work remotely most of the time, screen monitoring is indispensable








Screen Recording







  • Past transactions could be reviewed upon request
  • For second opinion and training purposes, recordings could be reviewed by multiple people at later time
  • More accurate grading of recorded interactions with screen recording


IVR & Multi-Media Scenarios in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

IVR, and other media is controlled by scenarios that consist of user-friendly blocks, combined into flows using drag-and-drop web-based UI.

The scenario blocks offer extensive functionality, including accessing web services, databases and (for more details visit contact center in Salesforce)

Cloud Contact Center Solution. Multi-media IVR Scenarios.


Outbound Dialing Automation in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

Outbound dialing automation increases agent productivity during outbound dialing.

ServicePattern contact center solution supports predictive, preview, and automatic dialing modes. Our predictive dialer features true high-performance predictive algorithm.

List management capabilities include filtering, consent expiration, automatic import and export and more.

Campaign operator dashboard allows real-time monitoring and control over campaign execution in in outbound call center.

  • Right party contact scenarios
  • Geographically closest ANI selection
  • Customizable forms (WYSIWYG point and click)
  • Do-not-call (number, area code, account, zip code, and more)
  • Linked campaigns ramp up next campaign as previous tapers off to keep utilization levels high
  • Safe calling hours, including state-based curfews and other TCPA compliance features

Contact Center Solution. Outbound Contact Center Campaign Operator Dashboard

Reporting in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solution Reporting

A number of historical reports are available out of the box, covering all important call center metrics. The reports can be run ad-hoc, as well as scheduled and delivered over e-mail or FTP.

Historical reports are customizable using free tools. In addition, historical data can be accessed with 3rd-party reporting packages.

  • Agent productivity reports
  • Service volume, service level, average speed of answer, abandonment
  • Outbound occupancy, success rate, and dispositions
  • dashboard with call center data
  • Graphs and charts
  • and more

Administration tools, web-based in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

All system administration is performed via single, easy-to-use web interface.

Cloud Contact Center Solution


ServicePattern contact center solution has all necessary features that help you to achieve compliance for:

  • PCI
  • TCPA

Security in ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

  • Password complexity and expiration policy
  • Role-based access control
  • Audit log
  • Recordings and transcripts encryption
  • List data encryption
  • Communications encryption

Integration with

  • Single sign-on
  • Data access from scenarios (both SOSL and SOQL queries)
  • Screen pops
  • Activity records, including custom fields
  • Combined reporting
  • Both Service and Sales cloud

Contact Center Solution. Integration

Cloud APIs and integration tools

  • List management
  • Results export
  • PCI recodring control API
  • Click to dial API
  • Web-based URL screen pop
  • Web services access from scenarios
  • DB access from scenarios

Hosted or Private ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

    • You are welcome to use our ServicePattern cloud contact center solution as a service from us or our partners
    • You may host our multi-tenant cloud contact center software platform privately, and extend services within your organization. This is a great option if you have thousands of reps and would like to retain full control; or to provide service to contact centers of your clients;

Tech Specs of ServicePattern Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solution. Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Safari[Internet Explorer

Phone options
Supplied softphone plugin
Nailed-up connection (dial in and keep line open)
PSTN number (e.g. DID) or mobile
SIP hardphone

Deployment options
SaaS from our or partner’s datacenter
Public cloud
Private cloud or hybrid

10-5,000 concurrent agents in a single routing target
Fault-tolerance and resiliency via proprietary N+1 redundancy
Generic servers (BBU RAID and dual power are recommended)
Linux CentOS 6.5+ or Windows 2008 R2


GSM mono
FLAC lossless stereo (for speech analytics)
AES-NI 256-bit encryption (128-bit in countries where 256-bit encryption is not allowed by US export control)
Voice Signature support

2-way SMS text messaging
Web Chat

REST API, free library and example code

Multi-skill, with:
Idle-time/time in queue




Download functionality overview brochure:

Contact Center Solution. servicepattern-product-overview