Interactive Voice Response System

Lower costs through customer self-service and simplify management with a powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, fully configurable with our Scenario Builder™ visual interface. Our powerful IVR solution seamlessly integrates with Salesforce ‘out-of-the-box.’


interactive voice response

Cradle to Grave Call Handling

Start every call off right with our feature-rich Interactive Voice Response solution which can identify callers and collect relevant data for accurate and efficient routing, segmentation and prioritization. We provide an extensive library of building blocks in our Scenario Builder visual interface, which support database dips, data collection from the caller, and third-party CRM, and other, integrations.

Launch customer satisfaction or other surveys at any time during the call, or even after the agent disconnects. We support all fundamental IVR feature sets, including touch-tone-based menus and DTMF digital collection.

Visual Scenario Builder Interface

Build your IVR logic flow with our simple drag-and-drop interface. Scenario Builder is part of ServicePattern, our specialized contact center flow language that governs every customer interaction with your contact center.

Use Scenario Builder to quickly develop sophisticated interactive voice response applications with sequential or branching flows that play prompts, collect digits, seek available agents, and more. Enjoy the utmost in flexibility in configuring triggers to launch new actions.

interactive voice response

interactive voice response

Multilingual Support

Every voice response application you build with BrightPattern has built-in multilingual prompt management. Adding or removing languages is effortless, using the Prompt Manager.

Using Scenario Builder, you can create voice response logic flows that switch the prompt language as needed, responding to the demands of your caller. Our solution has been deployed in multiple languages around the globe.

Text-to-Speech Support

Use our sophisticated text-to-speech capabilities to dynamically translate data, from database dips or other sources, to natural-sounding audio for your callers.

Development and testing of IVR applications can be done rapidly, as you can use our text-to-speech support to generate static prompts for logic flow, and, once it’s final, send the source text to a voice talent for recording the production prompts.



Salesforce Integration

We support integration with Salesforce* ‘out-of-the-box.’ With BrightPattern, there’s no need for a lengthy and costly integration exercise during deployment. It just works. Gracefully pop any Salesforce object onto the agent screen, and access a database or URL from the IVR. Just drag and drop Salesforce building blocks into your logic flow using Scenario Builder.

Our extensible design allows us to easily integrate with any other third-party CRM or leads management system.

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