Targeted Help

Chat bots can launch web chats and handle conversations in messaging apps, sparing contact center agents the time and effort it takes to identify customer needs, collect data, and answer questions. Such bots are incredibly helpful to both customers and agents, as their sole purpose is to provide targeted help in the fastest way possible.

Talk to and Through Bots

Chats can start with bots, be handed off to bots, and be monitored by bots. When customers need the help of a live person, the conversation is passed from bot to agent. Even during active chats, bots are on standby, on the ready to offer answers to common questions, assistance with frequent requests, and more.

Natural Language Understanding

Bots employ AI-based natural language understanding to analyze chat content for sentiment and subject, providing valuable insights into the customer experience. Analyses can then be used to determine follow-ups with the customer, agent performance, workflows for next steps, and the success of services offered.


  • Bots handle chat launch and transfer to live agent
  • Chat bots help agents answer questions and handle frequent requests
  • Customers can chat with bots and live agents in the same conversation
  • Bots provide in-conversation help to agents, offering answers and preapproved responses

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