Convenient Cloud Communications

All your communications are handled in one unified Agent Desktop interface, accessible from the cloud. Launch your web browser, log in to the web application, and start talking. Using your web browser as your call control center means being able to:

  • Dial outbound using the built-in dialpad
  • Receive incoming calls
  • Search the directory and add contacts to favorites
  • Transfer, conference, hold, mute, and record calls
  • Send SMS messages during calls

All Phones Supported

Our call solution provides dial in/out features for use with softphones, internal phones, external phones, default phones, and nailed connections. For most agents, the softphone—a software application working as a phone in your computer—with a headset is the way to go. Another viable option is to use a hardware phone (i.e., an internal or SIP-based phone) connected directly to the system using your desired phone number. You also have the option to use a dedicated, permanently assigned hardware phone (i.e., hardphone).

Talk on Agent Desktop, Anywhere

Working from home? Traveling or using your mobile phone for work? No problem. You can use an external phone connection, such as your home phone or cell phone, to dial and receive calls from Agent Desktop.

Reliable Login from Any Phone

Nailed connections are supported, so you can establish a phone connection with the system from any phone upon login, as well as use this established physical connection for handling all subsequent calls within your login session. Normally, your phone line will be kept open until you log out of Agent Desktop. With nailed connections, if your app or browser is closed without logging out while you have a customer call, the system will wait for this call to be released by the remote party before closing the nailed connection.


  • Access all communications controls from one user-friendly Agent Desktop interface
  • Dial out and receive calls from any web browser, with any phone
  • Transfer, hold, conference, mute, and record calls
  • Accept and respond to calls in context
  • Send SMS messages during calls
  • Search contacts and add to favorites

Learn More About Inbound Voice Calls and SMS

Why Wait?

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