The Capacity to Help Customers

Our omnichannel agent capacity model determines an agent’s availability to handle an interaction. This model takes into account how much of the agent’s capacity is occupied by interactions that the agent is already handling, how much spare capacity the agent must have to be able to handle an interaction of a specific media type, and relative priorities of various media types.


To override an incoming interaction is to give an interaction of that type (e.g., a voice call) precedence over an interaction of another type (e.g., an email). If configured as such, an incoming voice call could override a chat or email interaction, and an agent could be required to accept the call while already handling an interaction of a different type.

Take Precedence

Precedence is the order in which interactions of one media type will be distributed to agents relative to interactions of other media types. For example, if an agent becomes simultaneously available for a chat and an email interaction waiting in queue, the chat interaction will be delivered to that agent first, regardless of how long either of those interactions has been waiting in queue.

Connect on All Channels

Our omnichannel contact center solution will send interactions with the highest precedence first. Because all channels are supported, every type of interaction, from email, voice, and rich web chat to SMS/text and social messengers, is delivered to the agent who is best able to handle it.


  • Agents can handle multiple interactions on multiple channels
  • Overrides give interactions of one type priority over another
  • Agent capacity model determines how much an agent can handle
  • Omnichannel connectivity puts all interactions on one platform
  • Interactions are routed based on capacity
  • All media types are supported

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