Connect Identified Contacts to the Same Agents

Customers that are identified using data from customer relationship management (CRM) software can be routed to the same agent or to an agent from the same team who previously helped that customer.

Personalized Help for Contacts

By identifying contacts in such a way, communications between customer and agent become more personal and familiar, and both the contact center and customer benefit from the exchange.

Automate the Search

Call distribution is handled by our innovative scenarios, which define the logic of how interactions are processed and automated. Contact centers using our Scenario Builder application can specify exactly what will happen if a contact is identified, which agent should accept the call, and whether that agent is available to handle it, or whether the call should be sent to the service queue for another agent to accept.


  • Quickly connect a customer to the same agent that previously spoke to the customer
  • Our scenario engine automates the process of finding an agent
  • Customers get to work with the same agent as before
  • Calls are sent to the queue only if the original agent is unavailable

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