Offer Rich Web Chats

Chat widgets are used on mobile and desktop websites to initiate and conduct conversations using various media. Our contact center solution provides such chat widgets, which can be easily edited and customized to suit your website and brand without having to code HTML or work with chat snippets.

Simple Configuration

All aspects of chat widgets, chat forms, and proactive chat can be edited: style, font face and color, theme, size, position on page, questions, buttons, web links, and so forth. Bright Pattern’s easy-to-use Chat Widget Configuration application gives you complete control over how chats are presented to customers.

Reach Out to Customers

Your contact center can benefit from using Bright Pattern’s proactive chat offers, which are configured in the same editing application as other types of chat widgets. Proactive offers are chat interactions initiated by your contact center that reach out to customers on your site and present the opportunity to call or chat with a live agent.


  • Initiate and launch web chats and mobile chats
  • Chat widgets are easy to set up and customize
  • No coding necessary
  • Offer customers a simple way to chat with live agents
  • Edit prefab widgets to suit your organization and brand

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