Automatic Verification and Routing

Reach the correct party every time with predictive permission-based dialing. When a Right Party Connect (RPC) predictive outbound campaign is answered, our Right Party Connect Campaign scenario is launched, automatically verifying that the person who answers the call is the intended party. If it is correct, the call is connected to an agent. If it is not, the scenario verifies if the intended party is unavailable or this is a wrong number and sets the corresponding disposition.

Agents Save Time

Our helpful scenario increases agent utilization and decreases call abandonment. Agents don’t spend their time manually verifying each and every call, and agents are less likely to be hung up on if they reached a wrong number. The system handles all verification and routing for you.

What’s a Predictive Campaign?

In predictive campaigns, the system automatically dials numbers from list records according to currently optimal dialing rates, monitors call progress, and connects successful (answered) call attempts to available agents. The dialing rate is optimized to maintain the desired agent occupancy based on the statistical analysis of outcomes of most recent dialing attempts. Think of such campaigns as auto-dial campaigns.


  • Predictive permission-based dialing automatically verifies callers
  • Automatic distribution of calls to agents
  • Identifies whether intended parties are reached or if the wrong number was dialed
  • Agents save time by not verifying parties manually
  • Call abandonment is decreased

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