Conversation Continuity Across All Channels

For web and mobile customers, chats provide a convenient medium for asking questions and receiving informative answers quickly. For some topics of conversation, however, typing or texting at length, or constantly going back and forth with an agent, can be cumbersome. That is why Bright Pattern offers voice and video escalation for chat services. When enabled, customers and agents can upgrade their chat conversation to a phone call or audio-video call over the Internet at any time.

Click to Call

Our customer-facing chat widgets include buttons for requesting a phone call or video chat, providing a point and click means of taking your chat to the next channel level. Even on a different media channel, the customer is connected to the same agent who joined the original chat interaction.

Seamless Transitions

When the agent accepts the request, the conversation continues on the new media channel, the chat window stays open, and the customer and agent are still able to chat while speaking on the phone or in the video. Transitions are seamless and the chat continues.


  • During active web chats, switch to voice calls or video chats without dropping the conversation
  • Point-and-click ways to request a phone call or video chat
  • Keep the chat open while you talk on a voice call or video
  • Talk to the same agent who helped you on a chat

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