Cloud-Based Contact Center for BPO

Win new clients by offering innovative servicesidea icon

  • Leverage smartphones with our mobile app communications
    • No waiting on the phone in queue
    • Concurrent voice and messaging for improved productivity
    • Personalized communication
  • Meet today’s customer experience expectations by using any combination of Mobile, SMS, Web chat, Voice and Web call
  • Offer virtual queue on inbound calls to improve customer satisfaction during peak loads

Efficiencyefficiency icon

  • Stay competitive with increased margins from using cost-effective media with Rich Contact Experience
  • Offer high agent time utilization
    • Blended multi-channel operation lets an agent work on multiple chats, respond to overriding phone calls, and work on e-mail only when there is a lull in other activities.
    • True predictive dialing to keep agents busy with low abandonment rates
      • Even with low-answer-probability lists
      • 5% occupancy improvement with same abandonment rate over a competitor in a recent trial
  • Save on toll-free with virtual queue and Rich Contact Experience
  • Enjoy competitive telco rates (or bring your own carrier)
  • When you change staffing levels, our system will not constrain you. Our billing is also flexible.
  • Tap fresh workforce markets with access from anywhere
  • Engage sub-providers by simply logging them in

Retain your clients betterretain icon

  • Our innovations such as Rich Contact Experience provide client stickiness
  • Build trust with your clients by providing them with quality control & oversight options,
    • direct client access to monitoring, call grading and ad-hoc reporting of their interactions, including customer survey data
    • direct access to real-time web-based dashboards, with data limited to the client’s services
    • deliver periodic scheduled reports by e-mail with details about client operations
  • Offer flexible client reporting options, including custom reports, automated delivery, and direct reporting data access

Fast client ramp-upramp-up icon

  • Set up new clients and change existing services quickly and easily
    • Make changes quickly and easily in our intuitive web UIs
    • Large numbers of services and clients is easy to manage with scenario re-use through parameters
    • Login your client’s workforce into your system
    • Our web-based agent desktop works in Citrix and through firewalls
    • Our services are ready to help you with each of your clients, and not only when you sign up
    • Our built-in softphone makes deployment easy
  • Meet client’s compliance requirements with our security and compliance features
    • TCPA: State-level telemarketing compliance
    • PCI & HIPAA:
      • Encrypted recordings, transcripts & case data
      • Sensitive data is not retained or logged
  • CRM capabilities
    • Built-in integration with
    • Cloud APIs with documentation and examples for connecting other systems
    • We are always ready to help with integration

Highly available system with multiple deployment options to support mission-critical businesspublic cloud iconprivate cloud icon

  • SaaS with 100% uptime and disaster recovery from our datacenters
  • Private or hybrid cloud: you can run our fault-tolerant system yourself, retaining full control over the operation
  • It is easy to switch or balance between deployment options at any time with our tenant export/import capabilities
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