AI and Bot Applications for Contact Centers

Enabled by IBM Watson

Conduct Conversations with Customers Automatically

Artificial Intelligence-driven bots utilize IBM Watson technology for natural conversations between your apps and customers.

Automate with a Human Touch

Offer human assistance during automated conversations if visitors decide that the bot is unhelpful (which is also detected by the bot). Cover all exceptions and help keep customer satisfaction high. Human intervention also gives the bot the opportunity to learn from live conversations.


Advise and Assist Agents Automatically

Offer intelligent in-conversation help to agents using IBM Watson cognitive analysis technology.

Easily Search Both Digital Messages and Calls

Full text, keywords and sentiment discriminator searches are enabled by IBM Watson’s audio voice-to-written-text converter.

Route Customer Interactions Based on Emotion and Sentiment

Recognize customer needs using natural language understanding by IBM Watson.


Proactively Address Changes in Customer Behavior

Detect patterns in communication content with IBM Watson’s cognitive search and content analysis engine.

Improve Interaction Quality

Employ workforce optimization driven by keyword extraction and deep content analysis by IBM Watson.

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