AI and Bots Applications

Provide Better Customer Experience and Save Agent Time with AI and Bots

Bots are a great interactive method to simplify navigation and provide customer self-service over text messaging. With minimum questions to a visitor, a bot can discover and fill the need.

Agents can offload for simple operations in text conversations, such as payments and data correction, by invoking bots.

AI helps agents to address inquiries faster by providing suggestions for text and email conversations. It learns from agent replies, how suggestions are edited and which Knowledge Base articles are used.

AI automatically categorizes incoming emails and learns from humans (re)categorizing emails

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Drive Conversions and Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

A bot not only helps visitors to get to value in the shortest time possible, it also drives them to purchase, gently guiding them away from staying and focusing them on a next step. 

Also, a well-timed proactive bot interaction can help a visitor make a choice and save a shopping cart about to be abandoned.

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Automate with a Human Touch

At any time during an automated conversation, a visitor can decide that the bot is out of its depth, (the bot can also detect that) and request a human assistance. This covers exceptions and helps to keep customer satisfaction high.

Human interventions also give opportunities for bots to learn from live conversations.

Use AI to Detect Anomalies and Track Sentiment

AI applied to transcripts across channels such as voice, email and text messaging, can easily spot changes in the vocabulary used by customers and attract management attention to spot trends and issues as soon as they appear. AI can also detect sentiment, as well as auto-fill quality management scorecards and mark them for human review.

During conversations, AI real-time sentiment tracking provides a good indicator on when to escalate to a human agent in case of a bot or to supervisor in case of a human agent.

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