SMS Call Center

Have a productive dialogue with your mobile customers with our customer service over SMS call center software solution!

SMS notifications are ubiquitous – from doctor appointment reminders to credit card fraud notifications, they are used everywhere. And why not? Everybody has a mobile phone. It’s just asking a question in response to a text notification and receiving a reply is practically impossible.

In a call center setting, without 2-way SMS solution in place, a customer service representative talking on the phone is often compelled to bad business practice of using their own mobile phone for sending reference numbers or map links to customers who are driving.

Text messaging is invaluable for private communication in public (e.g. texting is a good way to spend time on a train or waiting for a doctor), for multi-tasking, or for simply having a conversation at your own pace. Offering customer service over inbound text messaging, from “SMS call center”, will make your customers happier, and you will gain insight.

Our solution helps businesses to handle 2-way business texting over SMS blended with other media channels such as voice, e-mail, and video, right in their customer service and support departments.

sms-messagingFeature highlights:

  • Hours of operation, leave a message after hours, get back
  • Automated scenarios (similar to voice and other media) ask additional questions, inform about estimated waiting time, perform identification, prepare screen pop.
  • Satisfaction survey after contact
  • Quality management, grading, screen monitoring
  • Transfer and conference
  • Full suite of contact center reports

Why Wait?

We are happy to answer questions and discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, or set up a pilot project to trial the solution without paying any license fees

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