SMS Call Center

Mobile support serves customers on the go

Our cloud contact center solution helps businesses handle two-way business texting over SMS, blended with other media channels such as voice, web chat, email, mobile messengers, and video, from one robust Agent Desktop user interface. Our omnichannel contact center solution helps customer service and support departments keep an open dialogue with mobile customers.

Enable Two-Way Texting

SMS/text notifications are ubiquitous—from doctor appointment reminders to credit card fraud notifications, they are commonly used to send messages, alerts, and reminders. All too often, however, the message only goes one-way and the customer cannot reply with a question or text back anything other than a confirmation code or a request to stop receiving such messages. Or, the customer is provided a phone number to dial for further assistance.

With our cloud multichannel contact center solution, your call center can facilitate engaging, real-time, two-way conversations between the agent and customer.

Use Better Business Communications

In a call center setting, without a two-way SMS solution in place, a customer service representative talking on the phone is often compelled to the bad-business practice of using his or her own mobile phone for sending reference numbers or map links to customers who are driving. Our contact center solution gives agents the productivity tools they need to offer the best support.

All Channels, One User-Friendly UI

As part of our cloud multichannel solution, all customer requests are routed to our user-friendly Agent Desktop application. From one robust UI, agents can communicate with customers on every channel, including SMS/text, voice, chat, mobile messenger, and email—all at the same time.

Our omnichannel system routes SMS/text messages to agents, supervisors, and teams logged in to the Agent Desktop application, where users can accept and reply to customer messages in their context. Because agents can handle multiple interactions at a time, they can respond to emails, chats, and more, while waiting for customers to reply to SMS/text messages. Agents work productively instead of sitting idly.

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Complete Customer Care

A number of intuitive functions provide simplified yet comprehensive customer request processing. From Agent Desktop, agents can send replies, access Knowledge Base information, use canned responses, send and receive file attachments, receive the customer’s location, transfer the SMS interaction to another agent, disposition the interaction, and much more. Agents can have meaningful, straightforward dialogue with their mobile customers, answering questions and providing helpful assistance to anyone using a mobile phone.

Private, Secure Conversations

Text messaging is invaluable for private communications in public (e.g., texting is a good way to pass the time on a train or while waiting for a doctor), for multitasking, or for simply having a conversation at your own pace. Offering customer service over inbound text messaging will increase customer satisfaction and resolve issues faster.

Quality Management and Reporting

Quality management, grading, screen monitoring, and other such tools enable supervisors to help agents during SMS interactions.

Our robust reports record SMS interactions and provide actionable data that your contact center can use to improve services, boost agent performance, and increase customer satisfaction.

Innovative IVR-Driven Scenarios

SMS services are configured and managed in our powerful Contact Center Administrator application, and the specifics of which agent receives which messages are handled by Bright Pattern’s advanced scenarios using IVR automation. Scenarios can be set up to gather data before the customer even connects with an agent, eliminating the need for the agent to identify the customer or find out what kind of help is needed.  If customers text your contact center after hours, they have the option of leaving a message and receiving a text back.

Scenarios also afford the chance to send satisfaction surveys to customers after contact, helping your contact center to gain valuable insights into agent and service performance.

Feature Highlights

  • Two-way business texting for contact centers and mobile customers
  • A single Agent Desktop interface for handling multiple channels of communication simultaneously
  • Automated scenarios can gather data,  inform about estimated waiting time, perform identification, prepare screen pop, and more
  • Automate how SMS/texts are received and replied to, even after hours
  • Satisfaction surveys offered after contact
  • Quality management, grading, and screen monitoring
  • Transfer messages to other agents if needed
  • Access a full suite of contact center reports

Why Wait?

We are happy to answer questions and discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online or set up a pilot project to trial the solution without paying any license fees