Multichannel Contact Center Software

Although having support for multiple channels has become imperative, it remains very difficult to operate for many Contact Centers. At Bright Pattern, we built our Cloud Contact Center software not only to support the broadest set of customer interaction channels but also to;

  1. Radically simplify multichannel set-up for Call Center Managers and handling for Call Center Associates, and
  2. Enable an omnichannel communication style.

Here is what you can expect from Bright Pattern Multichannel Contact Center software:

Enabling an omnichannel communication style

Modern consumers like to communicate by small chunks, using all available channels and choosing in the moment the most convenient channel for them. In order to meet these expectations, we engineered our platform for omnichannel communication style:

  • Enabling a continued conversation when switching or changing channels
  • Providing the convenience of adding a messaging or content channel to an existing communication
  • Maintaining rich context across conversations
multichannel contact center software

Industry-largest choice of channels

In addition to voice calls, email, and chat, Bright Pattern Multichannel Contact Center software support a broad set of communication options:

Empowering associates with a Unified Agent Desktop

Agent tools play an essential role for simplifying multichannel interaction handling by Contact Center personnel. We created our web-based agent desktop to make multichannel communication seamless:

  • Keeping all the information needed in the visible portion of the desktop
  • Intelligently extracting the relevant elements of context to display
  • Eliminating switching, alt-tabbing, and scrolling through long pages
  • Transparently rearranging the desktop when the modality of the conversation changes
multichannel contact center software
Contact Center Management Software

Removing multichannel management complexity

At Bright Pattern, we believe that Contact Center Managers should be able to set up channels by themselves. In addition, we built into the platform a powerful instrumentation engine:

  • Bright Pattern’s Scenario Builder enables Contact Center Managers to define interaction workflows for any channel
  • An innovative capacity model allows the definition of Service Levels by channel and how agents can get interrupted or multitask
  • Real-time Monitoring, Reporting, and Quality Management work consistently across all channels
  • Powerful Timeline Views provide visibility into activities happening across multiple channels

Extending multichannel to self-service

Bright Pattern multichannel software works across agent-assisted and self-service interactions:

  • Self-service can be offered for voice and text channels using the integrated IVR and Text-bot capabilities
  • All self-service channels are integrated into your CRM application for customer identification and context retrieval

Why Wait?

We are happy to answer questions and discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, or set up a pilot project to trial the solution without paying any license fees

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