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Recorded Contact Center Webinars:

Best Practices in Engagement and Loyalty (59 Minutes)

A recent HRG research study reveals that 70% of global organizations now offer their customers the option of interacting through multiple channels. This shift reflects customer demand, preference and expectation of anywhere, anytime, any-channel support. Providing customers a seamless, blended experience should be an organizational goal for all customer-centric companies.
Leslie Ament discusses best practices and trends in customer engagement that foster customer loyalty and enhanced ROI.

• Discuss how companies are increasing customer engagement through services and applications such as mobile, WebRTC, chat, SMS messaging, screen sharing/co-browsing and video and translation services.
• Review the changing priorities of monitoring and responding to customers on social media.
• Pinpoint how to identify the most qualified people and best information resources to optimize response to customer inquiries.

One Simple Way to Increase App Engagement (30 Minutes)

“App engagement” is a new, critical, metric for retailers to monitor. It is a metric that measures the frequency with which shoppers use an app. Bright Pattern’s new contact center solution provides integration of customer service with the app. Businesses can better satisfy customer’s needs for support, and also give shoppers another good reason to come back, boosting engagement levels even higher!

7 Issues Solved by our Mobile Customer Service solution (27 minutes)

56% of American adults now own smartphone. Smartphones allow people to send pictures and videos, to share their location, to be identified and transferred to the appropriate department when calling regarding an issue. And yet, customers have to go through many annoying stages when trying to get some help. Discover how implementing tailored services for smartphone users into your contact center can help you immediately reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Hiring Professional Voice Talent for Your IVR or Autoattendant (13 minutes)

For many of your customers, your IVR or autoattendant may be the primary method by which they engage your brand. Hire professional voice talent to ensure your brand is represented the way you want. By hiring a professional, you’ll save plenty of time and headaches, by working with someone who knows brand personalities, scripts, and IVRs. After all, you call a plumber to fix a leak, don’t you?

Universal Queuing to Level the Playing Field and Cut Costs (30 minutes)

David “DJ” Jones is the Director of Client Services for National Marketing Resources. In this presentation, DJ explains how universal queuing can be an equalizer for smaller contact centers, and how you can use universal queuing to reduce contact center agent turnover and reduce costs. Optimizing agent utilization with universal queuing can make for happier agents, and improved profit margins.

The State of the Modern Enterprise Contact Center (17 minutes)

Esteban Kolsky is the principal and founder of ThinkJar, an advisory and research firm focused on customer strategies. Esteban has more than 25 years of experience in customer service and CRM consulting, research, and advisory services. In this recorded presentation, Esteban talks about the state, and the future, of the modern enterprise contact center.

Turn Your Support Center into a Sales Center with Effective Training (15 minutes)

With effective training for your agents, and management buy-in, you can turn your support contact center into a powerful sales center that welcomes inbound support calls as a chance to upsell and cross sell additional products.

Social Media Customer Service with Social Media Performance Group (30 minutes)

Find out how to use social media to transform your contact center from a cost center to an opportunity center, and gain a window on what your customers really think about your brand!

B2B Telesales with Teleconcepts Consulting (30 minutes)

For 2013 and going forward, the Harvard Business Review forecast an increase emphasis on business-to-business telesales training, due in part to the economic downturn. Find out what it is, what it isn’t, and how to do it right.

Accelerated Cold Call Training: You’d be surprised who can benefit from cold call training. (28 minutes)

Cold call, or introductory call, expert Ron LaVine walks through the fundamentals of who needs cold call training, and how to overcome reluctance to make those calls. It’s not just about hard-selling, it’s often about positioning your company to be in the running to receive an RFP or be selected as a supplier.

No Safe Place to Stand: Why today’s contact centers are not  reaching their goals and what can be done about it. (15 minutes)

There’s a good reason why Gartner estimates that 75% of all contact center systems will need to be overhauled in the next few years just to keep up with competition. Attend this spirited exposition of how we got where we are, why you can’t reach your goals with existing architectures, and how to solve the problem.

ServicePattern 101: The cloud-based sales and customer service management platform that demystifies the contact center.

This information-packed webinar discusses what the ServicePattern solution does, why it is important, and shows how it works. Most of the time is given to a live product demonstration, with plenty of time to ask questions.

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